Wednesday, April 10, 2013


So, where I was - factoring things in light of current trends and events. Then I suddenly heard a disparaging word from someone, who said he was looking out for the folks - the folks like me, that the reason we are losing a certain debate is because we are "Bible Thumpers"! I thought he was looking out for me. But there was more to just this tip of the day. A few days later, one of his "yes men" told this highly opinionated Harvard Grad how he should answer those of us upset with him about the "Bible Thumping" comment.  The ex-CBS big shot, informed the factoring host to tell us - the folks, the Christian folks - to "screw them"! That's right.

This got me thinking: why do they despise the Bible so much? If it were not for the Bible, the God of the Bible and the main theme of the Bible - Jesus Christ, western civilization would not exist. Therefore, I need to come up with my own declaration of Faith of WHY I am what they say I am - A Bible Thumper! There may be more added to this as time goes by, but here goes

I am a Bible Thumper  because the US Constitution (via the Magna Carta) is based on biblical principles of life and liberty.
I am a Bible Thumper because I have the freedom to own the small plot of land, the Lord gave me stewardship of temporarily, because that Constitution grants me property rights.
I am a Bible Thumper because the Freedom Christ died for to set others free, leaves me freedom of mobility; freedom of speech; freedom of association and freedom to think.
I am a Bible Thumper because we can freely elect and then vote out of office those wish to represent us - until they start representing themselves first.

But most of all, I am a Bible Thumper because the God of the Bible loves all people and sent His Only begotten Son - Jesus Christ to live, minister and die on the Cross that others may be saved.
I am a Bible Thumper because that same Jesus Christ then rose from the grave they put Him in.
I am a Bible Thumper because I humbly and daily submit my will to His perfect Will that I may grow and in the wisdom and the knowledge of the Holy One with Whom I will spend eternity in Heaven - because He is my Lord and Savior.
I am a Bible Thumper because He commanded His followers - we - to love one another.
I am a Bible Thumper because these same followers have given mankind the First Hospitals.
I am a Bible Thumper because these same followers gave women and children dignity, liberty and education and opportunity.
I am a Bible Thumper because the first Missions and Charity work ever done to help others in uncivilized and third world countries were done by Christ followers - Livingston; William Carrey; Hudson Taylor; Jim Elliott and more.
I am a Bible Thumper because these selfless men and women of the Faith of the Bible willingly gave all; sacrificed all; surrendered all - for the Love of God and for their fellow man.
I am a Bible Thumper because our people are still doing it - even for those hordes who hate, persecute and more and more - execute Christians. Samaritan's Purse and Franklin Graham minister more to moslems and other non-Christians than to anyone else in this world.
I am a Bible Thumper because all the great social work of mankind - from Red Cross to Orphanages to Habitat for Humanity to the protection of the Disabled, Blind, Lost, imprisoned and hurting - were started and are still mostly done by Christians.

I can go on and on, but you get the picture. We do all these things because we believe the Bible we "thump" is the True and Loving and the LITERAL Word of God, Bill...not some allegorical tale which the over-educated and unredeemed say it is. Because we love, cherish and adore this Word from our Father in heaven, we believe what it says - from Creation to Revelation....from traditional God-ordained marriage to carrying for the least of these as aforementioned. There are worse things in this world to be accused of, but if this is the best that the world can throw at us, given all I have said above - I STAND ACCUSED OF BEING A BIBLE THUMPER - AND PLEAD GUILTY.



Martha Jane Orlando said...

Amen, my brother! Beautifully expressed here!
I've missed seeing you lately and thrilled that I am able to actually comment on your post.
Will be sharing to Facebook and Twitter.
Blessings, Bernie!

Chris said...

Right On! I admit to being a Bible Thumper too! I am NOT ashamed.

Lila Sanchez said...

YES amen We are NOT ashamed!! <3