Friday, September 14, 2012


Okay, this is a misleading headline, especially considering this verse from James 1:2 (ESV) "Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds". The first reaction of most people could be "what, are you crazy? Trials and Joy do not belong in the same sentence!" They would have a point as who in their right mind wants to go through all kinds of problems, issues or some such thing - nobody.

But this is life and we were never promised a rose garden - or if you're walking in the ways of the world - a beer garden. The modern citizen of the civilized western world has gone so soft, they expect to have no time in life where things can go wrong.  This is because most in the west are too well off, comfortable and could care less about the other guy...and I am talking about Christians! When prosperity, most of which was built on a plastic bubble, hits the brick wall of America's chickens coming home to roost, the weak kneed among us: run for the hills, start taking prescription drugs or put their trust in pagan political messiahs instead of God. This is NOT the background which the Lord through the half-brother of Jesus, wants us to view our current situation. The bible was written for all people of all time, until such time, the Savior returns!

Therefore, He says "count" or consider it all joy". God, through James, is thinking extremely highly of us here because He is exhorting us to "lead the way" or making it a priority to look at our current situation as the launching pad for His Grace or Favor! This is what this phrase actually means in the original Greek language!! Can you dig that, baby?! God does NOT want us to wallow in the wilderness of this corrupt world, but to rise above it, and because WE, the sons and daughters of the God of Grace, look ABOVE the situation, (while everyone else is looking at their navel or some weak corrupt human leader to get them out of a fix)....then WE, the sons and daughters of God - will prevail!!!! He is actually calling us out to "get a hold of yourself, man (or woman) and lead you and yours and even, some of My weaker people out of this mess"!

That's it! That's the victory! That's the Boston jelly filled donut with the chocolate drizzle, my peeps! This entire first part of the first chapter of James is for this current time! It is how to endure, persevere and win. For instance, let us resolve right now, that we are not going down with the ship. The Captain and Commander in Chief of our souls - Jesus Christ - gave us the life jacket, so now is the time to put it on!

So, when we are faced with (the second part of James 1:2) trials, temptations, calamities, disasters...even those of our own making -  here is how we get out of its face : knees down, pray hard and  then look to UP Him - the God of Grace. That's my King, that's YOUR King and He has made a way for us! 

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Mike Smith Bernie's Full brother in Christ:) said...

Leaves no stone to hide under! Bernie is 100% correct in his presentation of James and our HOPE, which is in Jesus Christ! Not any man or group of men!! Bernie knocked it out of the park!!!