Friday, September 28, 2012



The movieMonumental is a timely reminder for a people here (on the North American continent, primarily the United States) who have not only forgotten their roots, but do not even know about them! Evangelist/Actor/Producer Kirk Cameron (Way of the Master) does an amazing job of tying in the historical facts of the Founding of the most powerful and influential Christian nation in the world – America – into the current status of a nation adrift, and in a moral, spiritual and financial crisis.

In Monumental, Kirk Cameron made a statement which will grab the viewer right off the bat. He speaks of a leader who tripled the National Debt and called himself a Christian, yet spent most of his productive years as king, persecuting Christians. That leader was not some modern day Washington politician, but the King James whose name has forever been associated with the greatest version of the bible – The King James Version! King James was one of the biggest persecutors of Christians since his ancestor – Bloody Mary (Mary, Queen of Scots).

What will captivate you about this film is the fast moving narrative, which holds your attention with firm, logical truth about Christian foundations of these United States.  Cameron’s interviews  with various experts from Great Britain, Europe and the U.S.  weave a thread which leaves no doubt about that fact. The cinematography allows the substance of the discourse to be easily grasped because it is so unique for a documentary film! 

Cameron’s extensive movie and television background, which goes back decades, allows him the expertise and imagination, for some fantastic camera angles.  Combine these angles with some quality filtered-shot video in sync with a soundtrack which is edited for maximum effect and you have a winner. Monumental is a must see for all the family, especially children of all ages, who are at risk of being constantly being brainwashed by history revisionists with their own agenda.

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