Tuesday, April 19, 2011



A Unique Devotion

Deb Burton
Click on the number of EACH nugget for the accompanying Bible Passage!!
1. God made everything, and is everywhere; he is a Spirit
2. God is love. He wants to care for us as his dear children
3. But people wanted their own way, and turned their backs on God. So the Devil has been able to have his way with us all
4. God sent his dear son Jesus to earth, to be born human, and grow up just as we do. He had a plan to be able to help us                        
5. Jesus showed how he was God by the powerful miracles he did out of love; also by how totally good he was
6. Jesus was unjustly ordered to be killed by jealous people, but he came to life again after three days in the grave
7. Wise people around the world had said these things would happen (especially in the Bible)

8. When we die, Jesus will know and judge what we are like. But none of us are good enough for heaven where only love exists
9. But when Jesus died unjustly on the Roman cross, he accepted the punishment for all of us. So when we sadly admit to him that we've done many things wrong, he can forgive us
10. When we ask, God will help us change the way we think(repent), as we admit the things we’ve done wrong
11. He teaches us good and right ways to behave; and He gives us inner strength to love him and each other
12. We become a member of God's family, his church. He will look after us, and we will all be together in heaven with him forever.

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