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Some days are harder than others to stay focused on the “Dream Maker” instead of the dreams and visions and that’s why the importance of His promises to each and every one of us. Whatever you are going through right now in your life, knowing that The Lord will perfect that which concerns you because His mercy endures forever and He will not forsakes the work of His hands will get us through any battle.

It’s a promise we can bank on and one we should focus on instead of all the thoughts that we dance with that entice us further into the battlefield. Most victories don’t come with a 30-second button; they’re slow coming but so worth the wait! A truly victorious life comes when we realize that life is not battle-free. The victories are found in overcoming the obstacles, one at a time. :)

I was sharing a few of my weaknesses I’ve discovered while reading my “Battlefield of the Mind” devotional by Joyce Meyer, and there have been many mornings where I’ve been overwhelmed with conviction and frustration at how much work is still left in me to do. That’s why I feel we’re supposed to focus on this particular verse this month, so we can all get a bit more comfortable in the process of Him perfecting all that concerns us, not just what we do for and with Him but who we are in Him.
Let me share from my heart a couple more areas where I am in dire need of His perfecting. I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t been discouraged in this long, long process of waiting to hear about possible representation for the publication of The Men in and Out of her Life.” In fact, I mirror Joyce Meyer’s opinion about her own journey where she said if she had known all the things He was going to take her through to get her where she is now, she probably wouldn’t have signed up for the trip. :)

I can emphatically add that I’m so glad that I did sign up and didn’t ask so many questions in the beginning, but just showed up and fed my faith, not my fears. See, fear, discouragement, depression are all hope killers, and we all need at least a cup of hope a day to get us through so as soon as these emotions start getting loud in my head, I have to douse them with water, aka His Word.

Humility represents a huge area of needed perfection. Oh, how grateful I am that He never tires of strengthening my weaknesses; that His mercy reminds me to keep my focus on His abilities, not my disabilities, reminding me to be comfortable in the back seat will keep Him in the front seat. Humility is the tool that keeps me teachable and that’s what will keep me moving forward out of the battles and into the victories.

Here’s another staggering, mind-blowing fact that will help us all be patient while He perfects all that concerns us. Did you know He waits for us? I’ve been so focused on my own waiting game for representation and publication that I forgot to pay attention to the truth that He also waits. He waits for you and me to come to our senses; He waits for us to recognize Him in every situation. He waits for you and me to respond to His love; He waits for us to turn to Him in times of need, frustration, fear, anxiety, and He waits for us to worship Him just because! And I thought I was the author of wait. Now that’s a big piece of humble but loving pie. :)

Oh, all of this necessary perfecting concerns me, Father. Thank you for your never-ending mercy that keeps this process of perfecting going and for not forsaking all that you are doing in me so you can work through me.
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