Monday, April 18, 2011


Twelve Nuggets of Truth!
Part 1
Deb Burton

All of us need to know God, for there will always come a time in our lives when we need him, even if it's not until the end! We don't know when that will be, of course. But knowing God also awakens our spirit, releases us from condemnation, and makes our lives really mean something. He can also give us the strength to live a new life, loving him and others as much as ourselves. As simple as this is, it can change our world!

Now for the journey... Check out the Gospel points below, and ask yourself what they make you think and feel, and then pray and ask God to show you what they mean to your life...

1. God made everything, and is everywhere; he is a Spirit
2. God is love. He wants to care for us as his dear children
3. But people wanted their own way, and turned their backs on God. So the Devil has been able to have his way with us all
4. God sent his dear son Jesus to earth, to be born human, and grow up just as we do. He had a plan to be able to help us
5. Jesus showed how he was God by the powerful miracles he did out of love; also by how totally good he was
6. Jesus was unjustly ordered to be killed by jealous people, but he came to life again after three days in the grave

Now, we Christians sometimes say about the Bible: "I know it in my head, but not in my heart". It is a western trait to believe that knowing something is enough... But we need to fully apply the Good News Jesus gave us, to our whole lives, for it to really change us... This is why Christians can be a disappointment to each other, and to those who don't know God for themselves. Check the Gospel points above, and if they don’t feel totally real to you, it will help to ask yourself what they make you think and feel, and then to pray and ask God to show you what they mean to your life, in all its stages.
The reason is that the things we learn in our earliest years from those around us, seem real to us, but may not be the truth as God made it. We may need to reprogram those early stages of thinking.
This needs three steps.

(i) Start at the growth stage you are at, and think about how each Gospel point is important to you right now. Record this in a blank notebook - pictures too if you like.
(ii)Then consider how this makes you feel, then
(iii) ask God to put His ideas in your mind.

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