Saturday, April 2, 2011


This is a new arrangement of the Classic Resurrection Song! It is done expertly and with inspiration by one of the great worship leaders of our time, our brother in Christ - MATTHEW WARD!


Unknown said...

Hi Bernie! Dave Durbin from Matthew Ward Ministries. Thanks for the post and spreading the word! Be blessed.

The Bernie Lutchman Blog said...

Thank you brother Dave!! I just found an old cd from him, has to be about 100 years old!!haha... (EVEN NOW...about 10-12 years ago?)

Thanks for even sending me a note about it! I appreciate you and all the worship from Matt!! Be blessed in Jesus' Name and have an amazing worship Sunday!

Unknown said...

Bernie, sometimes it feels like "Even Now" was 100 years ago, but you are much closer to the time frame with the 10 year comment.
thanks agin for the help with the "Easter Song" debut.
Matthew Ward

The Bernie Lutchman Blog said...

Aw man, Matt saw that comment!!ha! But I said it in love, bro! :-))

Seriously, my wife has been listening to you for a couple decades now and me, since the old PK days when we rocked football stadia with 65,000 men and up! I found EVEN NOW in my wife's collection. I know you from Acts days. Took me longer to get into P & W as I used to be an old hymn guy anything that praises from Matthew Ward to Gateway Worship or Ross Parsley - ROCKS, dude!!

HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY IN JESUS - YOU AND YOURS! I guarantee Moody will be paying you some royalties for this! Am sending it to Chris Fabry and Anita Lustria.
Peace out,

Jeremiah 20:11