Monday, November 8, 2021


Oh Lord of Heaven’s Armies, Who fights for us. 

Who prays for us constantly before the Throne. 

Who lived and taught us HOW to live. 

Who gave all and died for us that we may be free from sin. 

Who rose on that great glorious Resurrection morning to be our Living Hope for all eternal

It is You, oh Commander in Chief of the Universe,  of  Whom Jeremiah 20:11 and 12 tell us, are with us like a Mighty Warrior whereby the persecutors of Your people will stumble and not prevail. Lord Sabaoth is Your Name, Lord of Hosts, “Who trieth the righteous and seest the reins and the heart”.

Thank You as all Your Elect looketh for that magnificent day when the Eastern sky cuts open and the White Horse booms out of heaven with the armies of Yahweh, to make things right, once and for all.

Over history, while we have had warriors from Abraham to Joshua to Gideon and even those who did not know You, like Cyrus or the great Nebuchadnezzar who defied his tribe and ultimately surrendered his life to You, You have always been for  the Ultimate Warrior in Your people. When You saved us by Your grace, You called us to battle and give us our self-defense weapons in Ephesians 6 – both defensive and offensive (the Sword of Truth – the Bible). 

Helps us and our brethren in far away persecuted lands to persevere until the End. 

Help us, dear  merciful, compassionate God, to have that fire, passion and burning desire to live Truth, defend Truth and proclaim Truth all the days of our short lives. 

Strengthen us dear Lord, in these critical times, that we may live courageously, day by day, knowing that You, the Lord our God, is with us, will never forsake us and will never abandon us. You are for us, until the End of the Age. We take courage and vow to persevere, as You can commissioned us, as officers in the Eternal Army of Faithful Disciples.  Thank You, King Jesus! Thank You.

Also, this week, we pray for Veterans of the United States Armed Forces, as we remember and celebrate them on Veterans Day. From the great men of George Washington’s Continental Army through many wars, to the young men and women who sacrificed under difficult circumstances. We pray for them and their families, dear Jesus. 

We pray for the marriages in our military, where 75% end in divorce due to long deployments. 

We pray for the mental health of our warriors, where two suicides a day are attempted. Father, we pray for healing of the body, mind and souls of these young people whose soul care have been neglected by the military industrial complex and those who only see them as fighting machines. 

We pray for their salvation. We pray for their spiritual growth, for those who become saved. We pray for their children who sometimes get lost in the shuffle and for their Chaplains, who have to operate under some very ungodly restrictions sometimes.  

We pray for MORE Godly chaplains and biblical counselors who can start turning this Titanic of desperation and despair around, in our fighting force. Lord, help our veterans in this, their hour of need.

Lord of Hosts, we praise You, thank You, glorify You, are amazed by You, long for the day to see You and worship You in spirit and truth. Until that great and glorious day, when we see You Face to face, we come to You in bended knee, bowing our hearts before You, in the Mighty Name of Jesus, amen and amen.

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