Monday, November 1, 2021


Great Father in Heaven, Creator of Heaven and Earth and all that is in them, we thank You for life and the freedom to worship You, for yet another day, another week and for however long You have determined our days to be.

In our heavy hearts, of God, we pray today for Your servants who live and serve in dangerous places around the globe. Lord, they have boldly answered Your call and gone forth into the far away dangerous lands, to which You have sent them, according to Your Great Commission. Places like Afghanistan, Haiti, China, Africa, South America and other places where the true Gospel still needs to be preached and many brought to a saving knowledge.
Today, we pray, lifted up our hearts and voices in fervent prayer, cries and supplication for our missionaries from Ohio and their children who were kidnapped in Haiti by evil gangs over the weekend. Grant them Your love, grace, comfort, compassion and mercy. Lord we believe Joshua 1:9 for them…for their boldness and courage right now in the face of evil, and especially for their children who may not comprehend why the powers of the air are attacking their parents.
We also pray for the missionaries and brothers and sisters left behind by the US government. They are almost like a forgotten people now by almost everyone but You, Almighty God.
Lord, steel their resolve.
Buffet their faith.
Strengthen their souls.
Feed them Your Goodness.
Help them to comfort those who are trapped behind enemy lines, and who do NOT know You, that what matters now is not so much, this short earthly life, but the everlasting nature of the next life. We pray for our citizens and their families who are hiding from the Taliban. We pray for those from other countries who are still trying to get out.
Lord, Your people are at the mercy of an evil and corrupt generation in a Romans 1 world. Help us Your people to stay close to the Flame and always be encouraged by a daily renewal of our Faith by the washing of the Word and conversations with You, as we pray without ceasing. May we never neglect, forget to our calling and we firm in our commitment to see it through – day after day, until You call us Home.
Father we thank You that we can come to You, the Commander and Lord of Heavens Armies, Who will crush the kings and leaders of the earth and all their armies one day, we thank, worship, adore and praise You, our Father Who art in Heaven, for this amazing and awesome privilege and it is in Jesus’ Strong Name we pray, amen.

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