Monday, September 6, 2021


Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so

Little ones to Him belong, they are week, but He is strong....
Most Gracious God in Heaven, You created man, in the beginning to work and keep Your Garden in Eden. Even though that man, Adam, ushered in sin and death into the world, You, in Your grace, mercy and loving kindness, hath provided for us and all mankind throughout the generations, nay, the millennia. If through due diligence and hard work, we persevere, oh Lord, You will feed and clothe us and so much more than we deserve, because You and King Jesus love us so.
When You gave the Israelites, the Land of Milk and Honey, you gave them the lush lands to raise their milk cattle and the conditions to raise bees for honey.
You provide fertile soils across the bread baskets of the Americas and elsewhere where we feed the rest of the world.... from the cattle grasslands of South America to the flat wheat plains of Kansas...and so much more.
You provide the rich soil to plant the corn, fruits and veggies.
Then You provide the time and rain to cause them to grow. You, oh God, not some phony bing bang godlessness taught in colleges, universities and high schools worldwide.
You gave us the freedom to tend to Your creation to sustain life: past, present and future.
You gave us freedom to raise our families.
You gave us freedom to sing praises to our most high God. While godless men and women in political power have curtailed these temporal liberties, we, who know You as Lord and Savior, already have the freedom and peace that passeth all understanding. We, who are born-again, and trust Christ and the Holy Spirit, each and everyday, know that we are sojourners in this troubled land and our Eternal Future is so much more secure, beautiful and divine where no corrupt human being will ever be allowed.
There will be no sun, because the Magnificence and Brilliance of the Lord will light up Eternity.
There will be no fears because the King is on the Throne.
There will be no tears, because He wipeth them all away.
Oh death, where is thy sting?
Oh sin, you have been destroyed.
Oh rulers of this world, you will have been dispatched by the Great I AM - YHVH - on the White horse on the fields of Armageddon forever...and your day is coming closer to that event.

Until that day, oh great and Almighty God, we pray that You in Your Providence, will give us a work to do, our own piece of the wall, if You will, so that working together, here at the start of a new month, a new season, a new paradigm, we may further the interests of the Kingdom to a lost and dying world.

May we brush aside the noise of this world, like the annoying gnat that it is, and never take our eyes off the prize.
May our hearts be stayed upon Jehovah.
May our minds be found 100% immersed in the Bible - Your Precious Word - until He comes, or He calleth us Home.
Father, we love You, we praise You, we magnify and adore Your precious and Holy Name and it is in the Name, the strong and mighty Name of the Soon-coming King Jesus, we pray. Amen and amen.

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