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Previously, (Part 19, verses 145-152) we looked at how the Lord set up the

mechanism of addressing the deep matters of the Soul. Depression is nothing to be trifled with, but the Bible has the answers. The key to discerning is the wisdom of the biblically wise and experienced who are continually in sync with the Holy Spirit and can expound on the Words of Scripture, which were designed for the Soul.

There is no one more perfect and full of insight on the Human Condition than the Creator Who made us. He knows the end from the beginning and everything in between. One day when we get to heaven, it will be even more incredible. It is only then we will fully comprehend why our Heavenly Father sent His One-of-a-kind (Begotten) Son- Yahweh, the Lord Jesus to become like us, so His divinity can address our hurts and needs from first-hand experience. There is nothing, nowhere else in this entire thing called Life and the Universe, which is even close enough to spell the word “compare”.

So when the Lord teaches on the downer of a topic like Depression, He also shows us the way out. The way out is Hope. Hope is always there. However, there is a mechanism which the man, woman and child of God can access to easily grasp this Hope! This Hope is found in a renewed spirit, a restored heart and a right perspective.  In my upcoming new book, based on the actual Prayers of the Bible, we go deeper into the Divine Plan and Purpose of Prayer, by using the actual words of Scripture, in context, to accomplish that. But for now, there are several key points we can discern from these next eight verses of Psalm 119, which will help the lost, hurting and those in despair.

Psalm 119:161-168
161  Princes persecute me without cause, but my heart stands in awe of Your words.
162 I rejoice at Your word, as one who finds great spoil.
163 I hate and despise falsehood, but I love Your law.
164 Seven times a day I praise You, because of Your righteous ordinances.
165 Those who love Your law have great peace, and nothing causes them to stumble.
166 I hope for Your salvation, O Lord, and do Your commandments.
167 My soul keeps Your testimonies, and I love them exceedingly.
168 I keep Your precepts and Your testimonies, for all my ways are before You.

The Oracles of Hope:
Verse 161 is proof that the truly born-again has a heart and mind stayed upon Jehovah, fully resting in Him and NO ONE - no king, commoner or in-between, can remove us from Him. We have an eternal promise which will overrule death, because this world really has not power over us, except in a temporary sense. So be encouraged - we have already won!

Verse 162 shows a person in distress, yet, such a person rejoicing in the Word, Power and Promises of God in the Scriptures because the Holy Spirit testifies they are true. Right off the bat, this is no minor thing or anything to be trifled with.

Verse 163b shows from WHERE this Hope comes from. That is, “loving God, His Bible and the Word Who became flesh – the Lord Jesus Christ”.

Verse 164 is explicit proof that a person grounded in Truth (of Scripture) will be full of non-stop praise and worship! Our life, our demeanor, our self-discipline and witness are also testimonies to the Resident Power within us – the Spirit of the Living Christ!

Verse 165 is an ABSOLUTE GUARANTEE to those who believe God. Why? Because we are the ones who have the True Inner Peace with passes ALL understanding! The world cannot get us! We start hospitals and risk our lives for those who hate us and forgive those who trespass against us! Why? Because we have the Pax Domine – the Peace of God in Christ.

• Verse 166 is another absolute guarantee.  We all know what the Rapture of the Church is.  That is the time when the Living and the dead in Christ rise up at the Trumpet Sound when Jesus sends His Angels to bring His children home to heaven. That Final Rescue has been longed for by man since Jesus ascended back in to Heaven in Acts 1:9-11 and with every believer since. That Final Rescue is one day closer each day as there IS  a real timeline to events prophesied in Scripture. That Final Rescue will only be for those who obey God, love God and commit their entire lives to Him as Lord, Savior and Master.

• Verse 167 shows the reason we follow the Words of Scripture so closely, or at least try to, since we really cannot do this under our own power. We could, should and would want to be like Christ for one simple reason – He first loved us. There was nothing lovable about us in in our makeup and sinful life that will appeal to heaven to have mercy, love and compassion on us. It is ONLY Grace that we did not die in our sins and get dispatched to hell, as most of mankind was/is/will be. It is only God’s Love, which even when we were yet sinners, sent the Son of God (Jesus) to die on the Cross for us. We love Him and want to be like and obey His Word, not just because He saved us from Hell, but because He restored us to right standing before Him (justification)…..because He is maturing us in Him (sanctification)….to one day allowing us to spend eternity with Him (glorification). WOW!

• Verse 168 brings us to a major acknowledgement of one of the major Attributes of God – His Omniscience (all-knowing). The sooner people understand not just Who God is but How all Powerful and incredible He is, the better for us.  Our view of God determines the permanent condition of our souls, our standing before God and our effectiveness as His people. The more we study His Word, are obedient to the Holy Spirit, wonder at His Universe and love Him, the more we will come as close to a true knowledge of the Almighty, this side of Heaven.

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