Thursday, May 25, 2017


There is nothing more beautiful than to see true healing, saving Faith bloom out of the depths of personal disaster and tragedy. This is precisely what the producers - Theatre X Entertainment -  the Prime Video movie (45minutes)  “BLOSSOMS OF FAITH”, accomplished in their original production.  Theatre X Entertainment are Christian movie producers and On Demand distributors of their own movie projects. Follow them here on Instragram, Facebook and Twitter.

Most of the reviews done and posted here are from a “consumer” point of view, not a film critic. What we look for where is primarily message, then the presentation of that message as well as the production quality. After two viewings of “Blossoms”, I must tell you that it is easy to become very fond of the character played, expertly, by New Jersey actress Kelly Madan. While Kelly may be a relative newcomer and not known in the usual Pure Flix, Christiano or other Christian movie production company realm, she is easy to emphatize with, extremely believable, humble and likeable, as lead actress on the film.

The intense and fast moving story revolves around the young widowed mother (Madan) who is about to be married and is just having a family moment with her beloved older sister Maria and her two young daughters. Suddenly Maria collapses, suffers a massive stroke and is in a coma after emergency surgery. The major portion of the movie then takes place at her bedside with Betty (Kelly Madan) sitting at her bedside, in shock, pain and completely distraught.
As her sister’s condition worsens, and a priest shows up to perform the “last rites”, it is now obvious that death is imminent. Losing her first husband and now in the immediacy of her beloved Maria passing into glory is just too much for this young single mom, who feels alone, abandoned and lost.  At times like these, no amount of comforting clich├ęs and platitudes from a member of the clergy will reach out and soothe the heart of a person in distress like this. Sure enough, Betty made a spur of the moment to give up her faith in anger and disappointment in God.

Numbness in the soul usually follows someone who has given up on God and there is no difference here…..that is, until circumstances down the hall of the hospital wing, brings our main character face to face with the Truth of the Source of Grace, Mercy and Love - Jesus Christ!

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