Monday, January 25, 2016


Fuller's Earth Would be used in water 
as soap to cleanse fabric in Bible Days
BIBLE VERSE: "But who can endure the day of His coming? And who can stand when He appears? For He is like a refiner’s fire and like fullers’ soap". Malachi 3:2

TRUTH: If you really look into a study of what a "Fuller" does, it would stun a person and make quite obvious, why clothing, fine cloths are fabric were so expensive in days of old. Fuller's soap is mentioned twice in the Old Testament and both point to the great Great Purifier, Who's precious blood cleanseth as white as snow. The process is thus, in brief: a fuller lived outside the city and needed space to lay out picked cotton which has been beaten flat on a surface by paddles and/or a large stone. He then has the flattened out product trod upon by all kinds of feet running up and down it. Then once that is beaten and all the natural oily and other sticky subtances found in natural fibers are taken out, the fuller washes in water to get more impurities out. At this point the fuller then washes the fabric in alkali (soapy) substances in large tubs of water to whiten the fabric. This produces some fantastic white linen and cloth once the cleansing with this "fuller's soap" is complete and the fabric has gone through the beating and cleaning process.

It is precisely this type of process which God puts His elect through in order to makes us fit for the Kingdom. The sanitized word is sanctification. But when the Christian goes through the beatings down of life, and all the pressures, stress and curves balls thrown at us, we are supposed to view this as making us stronger in perseverance. Perseverance is a biblical concept, as we, as saints, are called to persevere until the end. Tomorrow we will look at the Refiner's Fire, but for now, as a comparison, Tide or Era Laundry detergent have nothing on the Fuller's soap of antiquity and they all pale in comparison to the cleansing which the Discipline of the Lord means to His people. The Christian who works through these things in life, under the Power of the Holy Spirit will live a fruitful life here on earth, growing in Holiness and sanctification. These things are meant to cleanse us, if we stay close to Him in fellowship, praise, prayer and the Word. Because in the end, for the purposes of Heaven, only #CleanLivesMatter.

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