Friday, January 22, 2016


BIBLE VERSE: “Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, and uphold me by Your generous Spirit” (Psalm 51:12) 

TRUTH:  The next step for a person who has been reconciled with God is Restoration.  Reconciling is the action, Restoration is the state of being in that reconciliation. We have all been to classic car shows
and seen vintage autos from as far back as 1903 brought back to life. What an amazing thing to see a living piece of history running down the street with the authentic sights and sounds associated with such an item! We have also seen rusted out old Model A Fords and ’56 Chevys in barns which, after multiple thousands of dollars, hard work and skill are restored to better than new beauty and functionality. This is what happens to the sinner, of which we are foremost, when God takes us out of the tar pit. He then proceeds to cleanse us from our sin and by the Blood of Jesus we are made as white as snow. 

For the unsaved who is being converted, He creates in us a new man whereby we are made anew, i.e. born-again. If it is a saint being restored like King David in Psalm 51, he restores our footing in the Kingdom, from whence one had slipped. The latter is what this Truth in Psalm 51:12 is all about. We already know there is unspeakable joy when we are saved and have become joint-heirs with Christ, inheriting eternal life from eternity past into infinity. But there is a powerful and unspeakable joy which a saint who sometimes sinned has when, like David here, he has been forgiven, accepted that forgiveness and resumes living in the Victory which God, through Christ has given us. It is sort of like the happy feeling of seeing a 100 year old Model T Ford chugging down the road, knowing the work it took to get it from an abandoned rust bucket to the historic masterpiece we now see. 

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