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Christmas is only about three months away, even if the 75 degree of a warm mid-September day warming the heart out there. It is never too early to start thinking and planning for this, the most wonderful time of the year! The best way I can think to kick off our 2014 Christmas Season Recommended Shopping List, is a bundle of sweet, heart-warming e-books for the love of your life, a friend or a teen looking to while the time away during the upcoming Christmas celebrations.

This bundle includes Redeeming Romance novels (Kindle
Author/Director Susan Rohrer
and paperback), written by Movie/TV director/author Susan Rohrer, whose books have been previously reviewed in this blog. (According to Susan, a born-again believer who lives in Los Angeles, a "Redeeming Romance" is  an anthology series, a variety of clean, stand alone, inspirational romantic novels adapted from Susan Rohrer's original movie scriptsAvailable in Kindle and Paperback Editions, this series is recommended for you if you love: Clean Amish Fiction, Faith based Holiday Romance, Pure Love Stories, and/or Christian Christmas Gift Ideas. By the way, Susan Rohrer is best known for her work as Director of the movie "About Sarah" and the award-winning director of the 1980's TV series "Another Life" as well as several other CBS TV programs and specials).

This Christmas Bundle includes "Merry's Christmas: a love story & Bright Christmas: an Amish love story". Merry's Christmas is a page turner which will warm the heart (and hearth) as the season approaches, as does the authenticity of the Bright Christmas - about the lovable Amish.  Both books are grounded in Faith - the true Faith of Jesus Christ - and take off from there. Given the corrupt culture we swim in now, these clean uplifting love stories will have even those with the toughest exteriors, root for the good folk.

Merry's Christmas is about a working class waitress who is desperate to make ends meet. She, Merry Hopper, takes a temp job as a Christmas Coordinator for a handsome widower, promising to bring Christmas back for his three kids. As the "haves" collide with the "have nots" of this world, Merry finds herself head over heels for the family she's never had, most of all her new banker boss, never realizing that he's well on the way toward a Yuletide engagement to his employer's beautiful daughter. The story develops from there. Merry's Christmas: a love story is a light-hearted family romantic comedy with grown up sensibilities the whole family can enjoy.

Bright Christmas asks the question "Where do you go if your heart is torn between Amish and English loves?" The main character in this book is Charity Bright, a young Amish girl whose journey through life brings her to the crossroads of making the stark choice which every Amish young person must make at the end of their controversial Rumspringa "rites of passage". Charity Bright's adventure happens during the Advent or Christmas season and carries the possibility of  a "bright Christmas" for her! The bundle for these two books are available by clicking on the link provided below. Happy Reading!

More on our recommended reading Christmas list to come

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