Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tim & Deb Shultz speaking at BMIC Couples Banquet

The Jesus-powered duo of Tim and Debbie Shultz were an absolute blessing to the largest fellowship we ever had at all of our previous seven Business Men in Christ (BMIC) date night dinners! Well known in the northern part of Springfield as the founders, directors and spiritual leaders of the LIFETIME PREGNANCY HELP CENTER, Deb and Tim spoke so much love, and hope and encouragement to our wives and us, as husbands that we left more united as spouses than when we came in.

Their full message can be seen above. If you were unable to make the dinner with your wife or special lady or your fiancee, please watch this….and remember this, no matter who old or young we are, no matter what stage of Life we are in…or season…or station…never let the Dream die and never let Christ be anything else but NUMBER ONE in your heart!

On a personal note, I think their testimony represents not just the Power of the Redemption of the Cross of Christ, but the Purpose of God and the oh-so-exciting Possibilities of God as He reaches down to use those whom He saves, who are faithful and obedient and who love Him unconditionally as He loves us! I can testify to certain guest(s) who were so affected by this message that it changed their demeanor and direction afterwards! God's Word will never return void and neither will His Faithful Servants!

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