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Egypt is a land rich in the history of the Lion of Judah. It was Jesus Christ in the Pillar of fire and the Cloud Who led the Moses and the Israelites out of that country. When Herod sought to slay every baby under the age of two in Bethlehem, an Angel of the Lord appeared unto Joseph and told him to take Mary and the baby Jesus down to Egypt until it was safe to come back.

Skip forward to the 21st Century, almost 2000 years later and the same land of Egypt is in turmoil.  The "revolution" there put end times prophesy into overdrive. However, this is just a latest instalment of the unfolding story! In the land of the Garden of Eden - Iraq (or ancient Assyria/Babylon) Creation is groaning as well. (By the way, Genesis 2: 10-14 identifies where the Garden of Eden was! There was never a mystery!!!)

The ill-fated Iraq War after from 2003 to the present time has led to more chaos and the displacement of the Christian minority descendants of the ancient Semitic Assyrians. Since US troops invaded and took over Baghdad, the million plus Iraqi Christians who had lived there since the time of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, were run out of their ancient homes and/or killed or persecuted by the hundreds, by their fanatical half brothers from the tribe of Ishmael/islam.

Site of The Garden of Eden!
Now is the time for the people of God here in America and around the globe, to step up intercession for this "powder keg" in the Middle East. It is easy to sit here and write down Scriptures, prophesies and revelation from God what it all means. It may SEEM like another to live daily in a world where the price of gas, food, water etc are skyrocketing and opportunities for worldly advancement and even living well, in the natural, seem limited. 

But let not your hearts be troubled. A coming day gives us all hope, my friends!! Here is what Isaiah said in 19:23 "
In that day Egypt and Assyria will be connected by a highway. The Egyptians and Assyrians will move freely between their lands, and they will both worship God."!!!

This is amazing! You know what this means! Ancient Assyria is by the Upper Tigris River in Iraq. Read the passage from Genesis 2 again, (see above) where God reveals where the Garden of Eden was!! In the coming Kingdom of Heaven (where Christ will rule the Earth from Jerusalem), the storied land of Egypt will have real live worshippers travelling from there to A RESTORED GARDEN OF EDEN UP BY THE TIGRIS AND EUPHRATES RIVER ( and we can see from Google maps where those are)!!!

The Tigris River in ancient Assyria!
How about that!!! I am NOT making this up! This is the relevant revelation/interpretation of Scripture interpreting and explaining Scripture! This kind of discernment comes when Holy Spirit opens your eyes fully to what God is doing and how to "interpret the sign of the times"!!! This is what Jesus spoke about in Luke 12:56 .

So when we see reports and secret testimony like this from Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt two weeks ago, it is a precursor of God moving in the earthly realms, preparing for the kingdom of His Dear Son!! 

"After years and years of prayer by the Christians in Egypt for their country, at last we are starting to see an answer to our prayers! On the 6th of February, the 13th day of the protests, the Egyptian people decided to name that day the “Day of the Martyrs” to pray and remember those who lost their lives (around 300 people) since the beginning of the protests / revolution that started on the 25th of January. First, the Muslims prayed, with the Christians forming a human belt around them to protect them, then the Christians were given a chance to speak on the platform in front of hundreds of thousands of Muslims. One of our elders, some worship leaders, and the youth pastor from the church in Cairo went to Tahrir Square (the central square in Cairo where all the masses of people were gathered), and went on stage proclaiming the name of Jesus and worshipping the Lord in public. This is the first time Christ has ever been proclaimed in public in Egypt, and hundreds of thousands of Muslims were listening responsive to the message of peace that was delivered in the Name of Jesus.”
(Source: Protected, 15/02/11).

So keep a watchful eye on the Times. Do not lose heart but stay in the Word, read it with a heart for not just Application but Discernment. The latter can only happen through Faithfulness to the Lord Jesus, the True Word - Logos and Rhema - of Abba Father!

(Image of this Historic biblical map courtesy Google Images)
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