Sunday, December 6, 2009


Can you believe in a few weeks we will celebrate another Christmas? Can you believe 2010 is peeking around the corner? Time seems to travel at warp speed. A person can hardly take a breath without another day passing at lightning pace. Do you think Christmas, compared to a Christmas generations ago, has changed? More and more people are angry, entitled, and out to commercialize a sacred month.

When Tony and I are home and the television is off, we play traditional Christmas music—those good old tunes by Bing Crosby, and others, with the scratchy background reminding you of the antiquated technology. I recall many Christmases with sweets decking out the dining room table, cousins romping around, making eyes at the presents under the tree, and the movie, “Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer,” playing downstairs (sung by a claymation snowman, played by Burl Ives). The most pleasant memories were made around my cousins.

Next Saturday is my Coffee and Dessert Open House. Tomorrow I will begin preparations so I can enjoy

Acker Music Night and all fun of putting together my yearly Christmas party. What is Christmas without food? What is Christmas without the hope and love the birth of Jesus Christ brings to us? Most gifts do not come wrapped or with price tags. Most gifts come in the form of the people we call friends and family. I know I am blessed to have so many of them surrounding me today. What makes Christmas special for you? What are your traditions?


Lemon or Chocolate Parfait

1) In a small plastic cup (usually bought at party stores), add some pieces of white cake. Top the parfait with either lemon curd or chocolate cream.

2) Top with whipped cream, chocolate bits, a chocolate wafer, or a lemon wedge. Whatever makes it look delicate and pretty. Serve immediately.

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I forgot to thank you for making me a guest blogger. Your latest installment is on my blog. Today you are my guest blogger for Thoughtful Thursday. :o)