Monday, December 14, 2009


God gave His best to us, almost 2000 years ago when we deserved nothing more than eternal punishment!
However, there is one small catch - in order to benefit from a Gift, we have to receive it! Christ, Who's "goings-forth" (Micah 5:2b) was "from old and from everlasting", descended to mere mortal status, to live, teach, preach and die that we may be saved from the fires of hell!
If anyone knows of a better gift than that, please let me know! When He gave His life on the Cross, He died for all mankind for all time - past, present and future! If you believe, trust, obey and live this Absolute Truth, you are a child of God and will be in Heaven for eternity. If you reject this - eternity is a long time in darkness and torment!
Which is it? Christmas Time's A-comin.....are you going to Heaven?!
Love, the Lutchman Family.

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