Monday, December 21, 2009



Ed Merkel December 20 at 8:43am Reply

This is amazing and beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. I'll pass it along!

Paul Younghaus December 20 at 11:41am Reply

I love it Bernie, truly a work of love! I posted it as soon as I saw it and didn't have time to say thanks before church this morning. I must say thanks now brother!

Ed Evans December 20 at 2:13pm Reply

It's not fair to bring tears to an old man's eyes. Such a beautiful voice, and such precious words and pictures. Thank you for sharing, I'm doing the same. God bless Vicki Lutchman, Jr., and her husband, whats-his-name.

Mel Whirley December 20 at 11:32pm Reply

I agree with Paul that this is a labor of love. Bernie, this is an heirloom and thanks to you, and Vicki, for including me!

Doc Blakely December 21 at 1:08pm Reply

Thanks Bernie. Blessings on you and yours.

Susan E Harmony December 20 at 11:06am Reply

Thank you so much for this video, Vicki and Bernie. I have reposted it and hope that it can reach the world! I am still crying. God Bless You!

Jeri Doming December 20 at 11:49am Reply

Brother Bernie I saw your Video on the home page this morning, about 4 hours ago-
I shared it on my Wall. and here is what my thoughts were while and after hearing such a beautiful loving song. I wrote on my wall right after listening...

Oh my what a story of the biggest trial to ever be put thru.
I have tears of Joy and Sorrow. Our Soldiers are the Most caring and bravest. we are all blessed in that. And then it is the most painful to lose any one of Our Precious Soldiers. So extremely heartbreaking for a lifetime for his and her family members. This song is so beautifully written by Ms. Vicki, and her voice is as an Angels would be. Singing with love and caring.
God Bless You Ms. Vicki for caring for Our Soldiers so very much.
and for sharing in a way, to remind us all to never forget.

~~ thank you so much BB for sharing this blessing with all of your friends. friends to you and Vicki. GOD BLESS, Forever :) your Patriotic Sister, Jeri D.! :)

Alexandra Foster December 20 at 11:55am Reply

The only thing I could hope for at this time, is to bring our troops safely... Dear lord please watch over and protect our armed forces while they are over seas fighting to protect us and our rights. Dear lord please make their family strong and give them the strength to get through this.... I ask this humbly in the name Jesus Christ your son, Amen...

Thank you brother Bernie and Vicki for such a beautiful song.... My soldiers are all that matter to me... please bring them home alive to their families and loved ones.

Ginny Meerman December 21 at 12:16pm Reply

Thank you for sharing this....thank you so much.

Deb Kenny December 21 at 12:26pm Reply

Hello Bernie. Somehow...this wonderful email got in a heap of others and i missed it yesterday. What a wonderful blessing! I love songs dedicated to our precious Troops. What a great talent Vicki has. You two are quite "the dynamic duo"
for the Lord Jesus! I will be happy to share this. Merry Christmas & God Bless!

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