Monday, August 2, 2021


Holy God in Heaven, Master and Ruler of all things, we come before You at the start of a new month, seeking more of Your powerful, yet kind and gracious Hand, in everything we see, say and do. Father, and most Glorious God, we also seek Your intervention in certain places, countries and continents where sickness and worse have followed in the wake of the worse human pandemic in modern history.

We pray for discernment, wise decisions and rational choices to be made by people who are in charge of all medical decisions and that medicine, along with health professionals will be the main decision-makers in treating this virus, even months after the world thought it was defeated.


We pray for our young people, in the month of August, Holy God, who may or may not be going back to K-12 schools, who suffered so much emotional and spiritual harm during more than a year of lockdowns so much so that we are now in a mental health crisis. Lord, many of these children are now over a year behind where they should be in their education. We pray for their parents who tried their level best for their kids and even the education establishment which sometimes put obstacles in their way. We know the Lord Jesus said “suffer little children to come unto me, for such is the Kingdom of Heaven”.


Lord, intervene on behalf of Your children, for the sake of the soon-coming Kingdom.


We pray for those who are preparing to go on to college or return to their classes, that education and not indoctrination will be the main thing.

We pray for all campus ministries both in Colleges like Cru and others and in High Schools – the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  Father, so many of our young people – those called Generation Z, have expressed hopelessness and no Faith, as we, Your servants, have sometimes failed in our mission to bring them up in the way that they should go….and those who have absolutely no Faith, are increasing daily. Father, we pray that not just those great traditional campus ministries, but that these young people will divine appointments with many in the working outside world who are Yours: whether it be a waitress at the diner, the cashier at the gas station or the custodian at school who prays daily for these kinds.

Make all kinds of divine appointments for these young people oh God. Bring many in their paths who know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and are not ashamed of the gospel but have a burning and urgent desire to see the trend flip for our young people, insomuch as they will go from Hopeless to Hopeful.


Father, as we pray for all these things, let us never falter, fall back, fall out or fall down in our daily walk with You. Stir our hearts, minds and spirits that we may thirst and hunger for you.  As a deer pants for the water. May our soul long for You, O God. Help us to pour out our hearts before You, that we may remain a transparent book whose pages ring out for the Glory of God in all that we do, hallelujah!


Help us to consider those who are less fortunate than we are, no matter how little or much we have. We know You save and rescue such a one, in the day of adversity.  Keep and preserve us. Help us to persevere and stay on the straight and narrow. Keep us from stumbling. Guard our hearts. Protect our minds. Fill us daily with Your Joy, regardless of circumstances and then, may we reflect the love, hope, peace, joy and contentment, which can only be found in the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ, and it is in His Name we pray, amen.


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