Monday, April 8, 2019


It is indeed an honor to announce the release of my new book – ONE ONE NINE – albeit almost three months behind schedule.  This book has been an absolute joy to write. It is designed to be, not just a fast read, but one flowing document on great faith, enthusiastic faith, joyful faith and solid bible-based Faith.

ONE ONE NINE’s platform for 90% of this book is its dynamic 21st century look at the longest chapter in the Bible – Psalm 119!  This is NOT a seminary book on the theology of the Psalms but a literal look at what God says and how it applies to our lives, almost 3000 years after His Spirit inspired King David to write it. Also, please do not let the physical length of the Psalm intimidate. On the contrary, this Psalm is an ongoing love letter to the Lord, for Who He is and what His Word, Precepts and Counsel should, would and could mean to each and everyone of us.

All twenty two sections of Psalm 119’s one hundred and seventy verses are kept the way which the Bible presents them. However they are examined in twenty two short fast moving modules  (or very short chapters) which take a deeper look at what God wants us to know, and what it means to us. God is a God of order and discipline. This book stays true to this fact and everything ever written on this site or in my books, will always reflect our Heavenly Father's unchanging attribute.

This examination of Psalm 119 actually begins in Chapter 5 because I thought it necessary to present an easily understandable look at the true definition of Faith. This is done in Chapters 2-4. This leaves us with Chapter 1 – The Signature of God.

Most Bible readers and most defitnitely, the vast majority of Christians, do not know that the Lord Himself left His Signature in the Scriptures, right from the Beginning in the Book of Genesis.  His “signature” is signified by the two well places letters –  אֵ֥ת (Aleph Tav) – in Genesis 1:1 and elsewhere which when translated into English, via the Greek Language, is the Name which Jesus called Himself – The Alpha and the Omega (or the Beginning and the End).  The various placement of these letters in the Old Testament leaves them untranslatable because they are only there for indentification purposes

My purpose for starting the book off with the Signature of God is to present the Author of the Bible and thus, the Author and Perfecter of our Faith.  This sets the springboard from which our Faith definitions plunge directly into THE most incredible Biblical work outside of the Gospels of the Lord Jesus Christ.

A lot of this work actually began when I prayed through every verse of this incredible psalm – twice – over a total of 5 months. The more you pray the Scriptures, the more alive they become. So is it with Psalm 119, and each of its eight-verse per – sections, all headed by every twenty two letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. 

May this book, a celebration of Faith in the Lord, through Jesus Christ, lead the reader into a closer relationship with Him. Amen


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