Tuesday, April 9, 2019


EMPOWERED - WHY WE NEED SPIRIT-FILLED CHURCHES, by Dr. Kie Bowman, Senior Pastor of Hyde Park Baptist Church (and the QUARRIES) of Austin, Texas is the best primer on the Holy Spirit, that I can remember reading. It comes in at 135 pages and I was able to read it through in just one night, it is such an interesting book.

Dr. Bowman does as masterful job in weaving a narrative direct from Scripture, in full context, while keeping the reader engaged through both some little known historical facts, as well as some personal humorous anecdotes.  Without giving away anything, all I can say is I have, myself, forgotten to put in a blank video tape in my camcorder one time, when I went to record one of my daughter's ballet dance recitals! Fortunately, there was a professional crew there too, and I was able to buy a copy. There I was recording all the angles, only to get home and find out I had not tape in the camcorder!

EMPOWERED will empower the Christian man or woman, of any stage of spiritual maturity, to be lifted to the next plateau of intimacy with the Savior, if we can just grasp the historical background of the Holy Spirit and how we can truly come into an effective prayer life, which will then enable that graduation to a higher plane. 

There are both practical steps, sometimes paralleled by the examples of the Early Church and how they prayed in tougher circumstances, than we experience today. Yet their ground-shaking prayer and evangelistic intercession led to a divine movement with over a billion Christians worldwide today. How did those early saints do it? They were filled with the Holy Spirit, remained "topped-off" and exploded from a sect in Jerusalem to take the world by storm.

Get your copy of EMPOWERED by Pastor Bowman, here. It is a great gift for the Resurrection Week ahead!

Foreword by Dr. Ronnie Floyd, President of the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee and the National Day of Prayer Task Force. 


Tom Harper said...

I couldn't agree more with this blog. I'm a senior citizen and lay Bible teacher, who had an experience with the Holy Spirit in 1982 that changed my life forever. One of the major things that came out of it was a passion for prayer and an understanding of the absolute necessity of the power of the Spirit. For the last 37 years I have read just about everybody's book on prayer as well as books on the Holy Spirit. In this book, Empowered, Dr. Bowman has done a unique and masterful job of connecting corporate prayer with the power of the Spirit. He has drawn a perfect picture of the current powerless condition of most churches and clearly presented the Biblical solution. I passionately believe that this book contains the prescription for major revival!

The Bernie Lutchman Blog said...

Thank you for that comment, Mr. Tom Harper! I tried to reply to it but could not. I just saw your comment. I agree with you 100% and for the simple reason is the Book - EMPOWERED - speaks for itself, brother! What made this book so easy to read was well - The Holy Spirit - Who inspired it. I have led bible studies and Sunday school on the Holy Spirit's work through the entire Bible and like you, have read many books, this is one of the best. He wrote it so the regular Christian - man and woman and young person - can catch the vision. The personal stories and honesty also helped the authenticity of the book.

Thanks for leaving the comment Tom! Stop by any time. I met Dr. Bowman in Rogers, Arkansas last October when he preached twice at the National Day of Prayer summit. I hope to see him again this year, Lord willing.

Scarlett said...

Lovely post thanks for posting