Thursday, January 17, 2019


Many make resolutions to do this or that, as another new year rolls around when the answers are provided for us, way in advance. It is actually very simple - the Lord wants us to come closer to Him and to fellowship with, talk to and meet with Him daily.

To being this and any new year, we have decided to do something which will be easy to do, require no more than 5 - 10 minutes per day and can inspire our souls. It can also light a huge burning fire in our hearts to become will with a passion for the Lord in a new way, which may have not seemed possible before.

We start each day in this 31 Days of (short) Prayer for the month of January, by focusing on a different word daily. Then we look at the Bible verse associated with it and the explanation with it. This is followed by a simple thing or things to do that day or week, to get the most of this devotion, to pray and then to maximize its impact.

Some may do so by writing in the Bible margin or notes and some more are already using a prayer journal to record and track with the 31 Days of Prayer by monitoring their daily progress in the Word and Prayer.  

So click the LINK below and catch up with all which you have missed and then let this take you through the year, as you and I do the exercises associated with it:

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