Wednesday, December 5, 2018


If you were allowed to go back to any historical event in the last 5500 years, or so,  of creation, what would it be? Many would choose to watch Moses cross the Red Sea with upwards of two million Israelites. This would be guarantee epic blockbuster sight for a time traveler, the likes of which would never be seen again. The sight of waves, hundreds of feet high, just standing there in loud roar, while 2 million cross on the dry sea bed, completely and very quickly, is incredible to even imagine. Yet it happened.

Or how about the day the Sun stood still (click here) or the waters of the Jordan River at massive flood stage, rolling back for miles, so that the Jews could enter the promised land. They did so again, over dry land, as they crossed the Jordan River bed.

Most Christians, however would instinctively choose to be an observer at any event or issue concerning our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  None of us would pass up an opportunity to be a fly on the wall of the Ministry of Jesus Christ. Who would want to miss the too-many-to-count miracles of Jesus; His Sermon on the Mount; His turning over the money-changers tables or most of all – the Resurrection? I would not, you would not.   Personally, I would love to be present at all of those, including the time, post-Resurrection in    where Jesus, in His Risen form, is on the beach grilling fish and making bread to feed a bunch of His disciples who had all deserted Him in His final hours in human form.

While all of this is not possible at all in this life, if it did happen, and you or I came face to Face with the brand newly born Jesus in the Bethlehem manger, how would we react? How would we react knowing what we know about Christ? How would we react knowing that He was not only born for such a time as this – to live and die and pay for the sins of all mankind, thereby reconciling us to God? How would we react at the Truth  that He rose from death to seal the victory over death, hell and the devil?

Well, this clip from a movie starring the late, great actor Jimmy Stewart, just draws you in as we see him react, to being the same kind of time traveler we have just been discussing. Watch this brief clip and be blessed!