Friday, February 10, 2017


While the Psalms can be most definitely called the “Prayer Book of the Bible”, there is one huge Psalm (in content and size) which is so chockful of application, promises and basic Truth that should a person attempt to study or pray through it, it will require a minimum of two months. I speak from experience about Psalm 119. This amazing and longest chapter in the Bible, is not just  a “HOW-TO" but “WHAT-TO” do document on Life, Liberty in Christ and Sanctification.

Set in perfectly arranged portions, by the Holy Spirit, Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the Bible. It is divided into twenty two parts of eight verses each. Each portion of Scripture is subtitled with each of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. It is appropriate that this portion of such powerful psalm is under the title “ALEPH”. “Aleph” is our “A” in English. Jesus also is the “Aleph and the Tav”, or as is mentioned in Biblical Greek – The Alpha and Omega! Psalm 119 starts with eight verses under Alpha and ENDS with eight verses under Tav. Therefore following this Truth, that our Lord and Savior is the beginning and the end, let us begin this amazing journey through Psalm 119 with a complete spiritual physical, using the Word of God as our Physician, our X-Ray machine and more. 

With this in mind, we set forth on an amazing journey of Psalm 119. For the 21st century Christian, there are many ways we may approach this amazing volume of verifiable Truth. God has given us multi-faceted directions with a multi-purpose functions, to fulfill His purpose and will for our lives. However, what the Lord desires, for this current time and season, is for us to align our lives with the messages of this Psalm and then do some “home improvement”. Let us begin:
Psalm 119:1-8:
How blessed are those whose way is blameless,
Who walk in the law of the Lord.
2 How blessed are those who observe His testimonies,
Who seek Him with all their heart.
3 They also do no unrighteousness;
They walk in His ways.
4 You have ordained Your precepts,
That we should keep them diligently.

5 Oh that my ways may be established
To keep Your statutes!
6 Then I shall not be ashamed
When I look upon all Your commandments.
7 I shall give thanks to You with uprightness of heart,
When I learn Your righteous judgments.
8 I shall keep Your statutes;
Do not forsake me utterly!

Applying this first portion of Psalm 119 is primary in getting past Verses 1 and 2.  Personal matters of the soul and character MUST be addressed and therefore, in reading Psalm 119:1-8, please look into the remotest corner of  your soul and spirit and take inventory:
- Am I walking in Integrity? If there is a short-coming (confess it and repent and get it away from you) (Psalm 119:1)
- Am I really doing what God instinctively tells me to do through Holy Spirit and His Word? (Psalm 119:2)
- Am I seeking after Him daily in prayer, Bible reading and, when possible, fellowship with the saints, in small groups or the like ?(Psalm 119:3)
- Am I allowing the world to not so much gradually change my thinking, but to take the edge of my core beliefs, so that it comes across more and more like a compromise, when we stand firm and being immovable? (Psalm 119:4)
- Am I careful about not just trying to compartmentalize sin and conduct which God really disapproves of, but we think it’s okay because we have the wrong notion of Grace? (Psalm 119:5)
- Am I the man or woman I say that I am in testimony, in my circles or on the job but a different person when I look into the mirror of my soul, according to the plumb line of Truth? (Psalm 119:6)
- Am I living and leaning on the Truth, the Promise and the Grace, Love, Mercy and compassion of God by following Him with body, mind and soul in the Power of His Word? (Psalm 119:7)
- If all of the above is in the alignment, then we are within perfect parameters to present ourselves to Him and say to Abba Father, “Lord, here I am send me!” In that way, we know that He will never give up on  us (Psalm 119:8)

These are important matters of the soul which must be addressed before proceeding prayerfully through Psalm 119. Apply this, starting today, and we are off - hitting the ground running, traveling through the most amazing 176 verses of the Bible.

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