Saturday, January 21, 2017


VERSE: "Do all things without grumbling or questioning," (Philippians 2:14)

FORMULA: Take 100% focus off yourself, put it on someone else, and then watch the blessings return one hundred fold.

ACTION:  An attitude of ingratitude can only take you so far. A life of misery, discontent and complete unhappiness is the result.  On the other hand, if we do our job the best we know how to...if we remember Scripture says we are actually working for the God Who gave us all of this, whether we're a the lowest paid at work and are treated with disrespect or the bank manager or the coffee person at church, then the peace, joy, contentment, blessings and satisfaction can never be fathomed by a selfish and corrupt world.

PRAYER: Our Good and Gracious God, we worship, adore, bless, lift up and thank the Mighty King of the Universe - the Savior and Lord Jesus Christ for the unfathomable blessings and joy He has given to all His sheep. Yes, Lord, we are all sheep because basically without You as our Good Shepherd, we can do nothing. It is because of You, giving grace and compassion to the Humble and rejecting the Proud, that we even have a roof over our head, heat in the winter and food on the table. It is because of You, we are able to get off a warm bed in the morning and stand up downright upright and even walk into a new day. It is ALL because of You. Father, Good Good Father, help us to remember these basic facts the very next time we are tempted to launch a pity-party, grumble about our situation or complain we don't have enough beyond what we need to live. Help us to just THANK YOU, for EVERYTHING instead of the opposite so that we will continue to live with the Shalom of knowing that You only want the best for us, and we are where we are because this is where You, in Your long view of life, know what we need. Just thank You, Lord, thank You for giving us even the breath we take second by second, that we can consider these things. In Jesus Name, we pray and stand amazed in His Presence, amen and amen.

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