Tuesday, September 20, 2016


For Yours is the Kingdom, and the Power and the Glory
So what is the Kingdom.  By all means, it means – the Kingdom of Heaven.  But Kingdom living actually begins at the point of conversion, where we are changed transferred in an instant, supernaturally, from the domain of death and darkness to the Kingdom of Light. We read in 2 Corinthians 5:17 that “if any man be in Christ Jesus, he is a new creation”.  The original word “creation” here is “kitsis”. This is the same word which is used in Genesis 1:1 where the earth was darkness and a void and God CREATED the world out of nothing! Please let that sink in for a moment. We are new creations living in a faulty creation, yearning for its creator! Wow!

The Creation of the earth and mankind was supposed to be an joyful thing for eternity. We all know what happened in Genesis 3 when sin entered the world. The Kingdom on earth which Jesus set up in the Garden of Eden was disrupted by Eve, Adam and the serpent (Satan). But there was an expiration date on this flawed state.  This expiration date is up when the Revelation chapter 19 white horse of Christ signals the permanent return to His planet of the Risen Messiah – Jesus Christ. He will then proceed to set His 1000 year (or Millennial ) Kingdom up in Jerusalem until the Final Judgment, which then leads to the Lake of Fire.

This is the “Kingdom come” we are praying for…on “earth as it is in Heaven”. The Kingdom of Christ is on this planet, believe it or not.  This will occur at the end of the Seven Years of Tribulation. But before all of this, we have today – now, the present time. These are the times God, our Heavenly Father, has chosen for us in which to live. This should be considered a privilege when we pray to Him, according to the model prayer He specifically taught us. 

What I have described above is a summary on the macro or larger picture of the Kingdom.  But to bring it to our own personal walk with God, in Christ, we have to know our own Identity in Christ (IIC). Going back to the original premise, at the point of conversion, the Righteousness of Christ, is imputed and embedded into our own spirit as the blessed Holy Spirit then comes immediately from Heaven to seal us until we come into His Presence – either through death in this life, or the coming Rapture. At that point, we also become heirs to Christ and therefore, are inheritors/participants of the Kingdom from Eternity past way into Eternity future!

What this means is we are living RIGHT NOW, as Kingdom people. The True Christian, born-again, converted and being sanctified in this life, IS a Kingdom man, woman and child in Christ! THIS is our IIC – our Identity in Christ. This is what gives us the right to even pray “Thy Kingdom come” to the King because (John 1:12).

Hence, we are Kingdom people, praying with authority, to the King to come and set up His 1000 year reign.  The discussion of the 1000  year Reign  of Christ with Him actually sitting in the Temple as King of Kings in Jerusalem, is going to happen on this blog, but in an appropriate time. But suffice it to say, that this is the kingdom we are praying for as all the saints will return to reign with Christ, until the second and final Judgment.  

Christians SHOULD be praying “Your Kingdom come on earth, as it is in Heaven…..because Yours is the Kingdom”. This will mean the complete end to ALL trials and tribulations, persecutions and the end of Satan’s reign on earth. There will be NO non-Christian in this Kingdom (and this means NONE)! This is our portion in the Land of the Living. This is what we lived our entire Christian lives for – because HIS is the Kingdom: Our Christ Who died on a Cross for us almost 2000 years ago!

The Power and Glory which will be revealed at the end of the Tribulation which Christians will never see. Jesus will cut through the clouds to destroy the pagans, the one world  government and all who have rejected Him, alive then in all the other fake religions. Read the Book of Revelation to see how scary that moment will be. The same Power with which Jesus defeated the grave....the same Power with which He caused His Spirit to live in all His people for all time...the same Power which gave us the Word became Flesh and which was also written down for us – that Power is coming in ALL His Glory! And the Glory of the Lord will be revealed with all His glorious power is shown to the perishing world one last time. For us, the Christian, we will return to dwell in this millennial kingdom which He asked us to preach about in 
Father in the Name of the Crucified, the One Eternal God, the Ancient of Days Who gave up His Throne in heaven, and became poor that we may become rich, thank You for this privilege not just belonging to Your Eternal family, but for granting mere mortals the right, authority and incredible amazing privilege of praying for the Return of the King! Lord, we long for That Day...that day, when we see Him face to Face, in glory and then fall at His feet, just like Your Apostle John in Revelation chapter 1! Lord Jesus, Yours is the Kingdom - the coming Kingdom which we speak off to Your people. Yours is the Power - You, oh Mighty King are all knowing, ever present and owner of everything. You, oh King of Kings are the true Commander of the Universe! 

You speak and the earth shakes. You speak and the seas roar. You whisper and all creation comes into being. The Heavens declare and reflect Your brilliant countenance. The oceans calls to the deep, the depth of Your Love for us. The winds blow a song of worship of the ever present Holy Spirit Who searches the hearts of men and women and children for those who are loyal to You. Yours is the Glory, the Glory which was Yours before the Foundation of the Earth. 

There is none more glorious. There is none more marvelous. There is none more magnificent. There is no adjective and there are not enough words in all the languages of the earth to describe You, oh Yahweh, Alpha and Omega, Beginning and the End! You, Who sees the End from the Beginning, birth in us a new birth of freedom to yearn for the pure milk of Truth - Truth of Who You are. Truth of the Glory of the soon coming ruler of the Kingdom. Your Glory precedes You, as we live in the eternal now, as co-inheritors, which You have made us, oh Ancient of Days. We love You. We adore You. We magnify and bless Your glorious and Holy Name above all Names, in Thy Name - the Name of Jesus, we pray! AMEN!! 

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