Monday, September 5, 2016


Thy Kingdom Come on Earth as it is in Heaven
If a person is in distress and cries out to God in pain, panic or with persistent problems,  how does this phrase from the Model Prayer fit into the body of our prayer?

What Peter did here, was recognize the Power of Christ Who was walking ON the stormy sea and OVER the high waves towards them (looming larger than life). He had no other choice. The facts were right before His Eyes. He already knew Jesus was sinless and spoke the hallowed and holy Word of the Father. These are a given for the Christian, but to get to this point, we have to have been with Jesus like Peter had. This comes from knowing His Word and following the dictates of the Holy Spirit, if you are really born-again.

The Spirit had revealed to Peter just Who this Man was. His (Jesus’) sovereign rule over the elements was observed before when He calmed the storm, after the disciples woke Him from sleep to rescue them. The Kingdom had come. The Messiah was at hand. The Faith of the  disciples needed working on, but they had seen the miracles of the Loaves and Fishes and knew He was King.

Do we? Do we recognize Him as He is? Do we believe the scriptures where the Apostle John fell at His Feet in Revelation 1 when he (John) saw Jesus as He really is – from eternity past to forever? If we do….and if you’re saved, you have that ability, then we are living right now as Kingdom people.  How is this possible? When you and I were BORN AGAIN, we not only became a NEW Creation in Christ but God imputed and embedded His Holy Spirit in us as a seal of His promise, until the Day of Redemption.

Whether a truly regenerated and reborn Christian believes this or not, it is so. We are thus indwelled by the same Spirit of God Who self-existed from Eternity Past. He is the same Holy Spirit Who hovered over the Waters in Genesis 1 and executed the plan of the Creator Yahweh (Jesus). He is the same Spirit Who raised Jesus from the dead on Resurrection (or Easter) Sunday morning, on the Third Day. He – Holy Spirit= is the Guarantee of our inheritance as Kingdom people.

So when Jesus includes this phrase in His model prayer, He is telling us that we have the permission and power and authority, as declared to us from John 1:12. Given our current Kingdom status, we can there therefore pray in confidence…..just like Peter did in John “Lord, save me!” When you pray that, He automatically tune in and waits.

Father in the Strong, Holy and Mighty Name of Jesus,  King of the Universe and Ruler of all things, thank You, thank You, Lord! We are so grateful beyond words, that You win all Your power, majesty and wisdom would choose us to be Your Kingdom children! This is beyond belief and beyond comprehension, Lord! Lord as we pray to make it through each day, in these evil last days, we also anticipate the Return of the Lord Jesus , to rule the earth and make all things right. We look and long for that incredible Day of the Lord, will all will be revealed and we say “COME, LORD JESUS! Establish Thy Kingdom, in Your Name we pray. Amen


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