Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Heal me and  I shall be healed. Save me and I shall be saved. For You are my praise (Jeremiah 17:14)
Psalm 103:1 exhorts us to “bless the Lord, oh my soul” (and yours) and the Word of God then proceeds to tell us why – “Who heals all our diseases” and a long list of other blessings. In another place, the Word tell us that “many are the afflictions of the righteous (we who are being saved), but the Lord delivers from them all”.

So we see our Heavenly Father Who heals. He is the Great Physician Who has our next breath in the Palm of His Hands. Therefore it is incumbent upon  us to pray to Him for our health and healing when we hurt and are in distress. Not just that, there is no greater honor than to be called upon and more importantly, to be relied on as a true prayer warrior who would intercede for another in distress.

Now, should we pray for ourselves when we are not feeling well or there is a question  mark on our weight; our blood pressure or even a pain in our hands and feet?  Do not be like King Asa, of whom the Bible made a point of showing as a man of so much false pride about himself and the secular people around him, that he would rather die than ask the Lord for help! Here is the account from 2 Chronicles 16:12

This is serious and stunning example for us who call ourselves Christians. King Asa is credited with not just allowing worship of the One True God of Heaven to return to the Kingdom of Judah, but he even got rid of his own grandmother who bowed down to the perverted Asherah poles – a foul practice before our Holy God.  (See 2 Chronicles 15). Verse 17b of that chapter tells us that “Asa’s heart remained completely faithful throughout his entire life”…..that is….until the end when he not only made a treaty with a pagan king to defend Jerusalem and its surroundings, instead of praying for God’s protection as he always did, but he went further. When (as we see in 2 Chronicles 16:12),  he developed a serious foot disease, Asa sought not the Lord, as his predecessor Hezekiah did for healing, but his own doctors.  This led to his death.

Lessons to be learned from Asa’s Folly:
-          God is always there and He is a good, good God.
-          We are frail, weak and completely dependent on Him for our very breath.
-          Past successes do not guarantee present victories. Asa was 100% faithful to God not just that – he acted powerfully on reform his country. But in his later prideful state, he turned and looked inward not upward to the God Who saves and wins every battle He steps into.
-          We have access to the One Who heals, let nothing keep us from Him, from asking Him, from laying our case for healing

Dear Most Holy and Heavenly Father, thank You for caring for weak sinners such as we are. We are nothing without You. We have nothing  without You. We have no breath, life, health or semblance of a life without You and in no way, can we survive without You! Who among us can repay anything You do for us, Lord? You are the God Who heals us when we hurt; cures our colds; comforts us in our pain and restores, redeems and regenerates our tired souls when we are in despair.  Lord help us in our despair. Release us in our pain.  

We pray against the spirit of affliction and any infection which inhabit the body to bring us low. We pray that though we may suffer for a season and that weeping may endure for a night, that Your joy, Your peace, Your release cometh in the morning. Help us to persevere in sickness and to travail and triumph in prayer through it all, oh God. Thank You dear kind, gracious and most merciful Father, in Jesus’ Strong and Mighty Name, the Name of Yahweh Rophe, amen .

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