Friday, September 11, 2015


The signs of the times are all around us, as Bible prophesy unfolds. When you and I get in conversations with family and friends, and consider the state of things around us, invariably, the talk goes to the Second Coming Of Christ or "where do you think this is heading". 

Well, Scripture tells us where we are heading - swiftly to a conclusion of all things. The days now may seem horrible, but we know from the Bible that we literally "ain't seen nothing yet"! One helpful resource is this timeline below which was developed by our friends over at the GUIDE TO THE BIBLE Wordpress Blog. I recommended you now link and click over there to view this timeline and read more about this work on this PLUS another free (for download) chart which I will link to in a separate blogpost. This chart is from their brand new book (The Christian's Guide to the Bible), now available at all major retail bookstores worldwide.

End Of The Age Time Line

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