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You'll be able to create your own Father's Day cards using these simple directions and thoughtful sentiments listed below. Simply fold an 8 ½" x 11" piece of paper or card-stock in half (either direction), and depending on your age and/or abilities use your own artwork, stickers, or collages with any of the original greetings below. For more card and gift ideas for Father's Day, see my article "5 Free Gifts to Make for Mother's or Father's Day".

The front of your card (with your unique artwork) should say "Happy Father's Day", whether it's for your father, step-dad, uncle, grandfather, husband, best friend, or father-in-law. You can start by saying; "For A Special Dad on Father's Day", or "To the Best Dad Ever on Father's Day", or "To My Grandpa on His Day", or perhaps, "Thanks For Being Such a Great Step-Father", you get the idea.
Inside your Father's Day card attempt to write your own heart-felt message , or try using the ones I've listed. Feel free to add-on to or re-work any of the following phrases, personalizing them for the important dads in your life.
"Dad you've always been there for me, and when the time comes that you need me, I will be there for you! Thanks for being my dad!"
"Grandpa you are One-in-a-Million, and I'm so happy you're mine! Have a great Father's Day!"
"Poppa you have always been my biggest fan, but did you know that I'm your biggest fan? You're the best grandpa I could've ever hoped for!"
"I might not be the smartest, cutest, or even the most well-behaved, but I'm all yours dad, so suck it up! Try to have a great day anyway!"
"Even though your only my step-dad, I'm convinced all your better qualities have rubbed off onto me! I'm better for having you in my life, thanks!
"Uncle you've been such a great friend! Happy Father's Day!"
"Of all the fathers I could've ended up with, I was blessed with you! Thanks for all you've helped me with and taught me! I only hope that one day I'll be as great a dad as you are!"
"Dad thanks for all your guidance and encouragement over the years, but I'm just not ready to leave home yet! Happy Father's Day anyway!"
"Grandpa I've always looked up to you, and you've never let me down, thanks for everything! I hope you have a wonderful Father's Day!"
Now you've got the tools to make a great Father's Day card for the special men in your life. So get started and have fun with it.

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Cheri is a former model & actress who cared for more than 70 special-needs foster children, while earning a Masters degree in Human Sciences & Early Childhood Education. Authored 5 books (including childrens bilingual Spanish/English primer, due out soon) and Co-Founder, Editor & Publisher of the overnight cultural phenomena, Twinas Latinas Magazine (catering to the traditional family)! Join us on our joyful FIESTA journey!

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