Sunday, May 4, 2014


Illinois State Senator Sam McCann (R-Springfield)
 declares his full allegiance to the Savior - Jesus Christ
The 63rd Annual National Day of Prayer State of Illinois Capitol City event was one power-packed time of worship and intercession! It was one seamless 90 minute where the Power and the Presence of Holy God was so heavy that all present and the thousands more who listened to the edited one hour version on radio - over the air and online ( that this one was the best Prayer event and service they have been to. What made it so special, among other things, were the bold testimony of the few real born-again Christians in Illinois Politics Senator Sam McCann of Central Illinois and prayer leader after prayer leader who stayed on message and listened to God before speaking.
Scott Beauchamp
Springfield House of Prayer

The following were the invited prayer leaders: Scott Beauchamp (Director of the Springfield House of Prayer, which is doing amazing missions work in Israel, Brazil and other places); Pastors Paul Rose (Calvary Temple); Johnnie Standard (Springfield Bible); Kevin Carothers (Rochester First Baptist); Bob Armstrong (Living Water and Brian Williams (SpiritRiders and Broken Chains Church). The main emphasis on Repentance; Obedience; Humility and Salvation remains as our community event here grows in outreach and influence. We all know that God does NOT hear the prayer of an unrighteous man, so for several years now I have either given a message on how to be saved or another minister has. This year, the main wrap up speaker/pastor was Brian Williams of Broken Chains Church and he put the entire exercise of worship and intercession in perspective by showing perfectly why sometimes our prayers do not seem to be effective and how we sometimes just use 2 Chronicles 7:14 as a flag, without understanding just what it demands.

That verse says "and (if) My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land". The message from Pastor Brian was that the "humble themselves" part starts with church and ministry leadership...and especially with those who think that "their" church or "their" ministry is actually "theirs"...and not the Lord's! Hence, the need here is for absolute Repentance. Repentance precedes forgiveness and therefore, restoration with God.

Worship music was an inspiration from our good brother Don Hunt of the Chosen Generation Gospel group. I also am so grateful for Christian Radio station and Moody Radio affiliate WLUJ of Springfield for their 9th year of working with us to bring this off and then broadcasting the service for those many thousands to listen to at night, from anywhere in the world. Next year will be Year 10 since the Lord led me to assume the role of lead servant of this ministry, on behalf of Springfield Business Men in Christ and, Lord willing, it will be time of humility, more prayer and rejoicing with choirs and intentional worship songs.

We held this year's event inside the Auditorium of the Secretary of State's office at the Howlett Building, on purpose, so as not to compete with an ongoing Police Memorial event, close to our usual site by the Lincoln State on the State Capitol's East Steps. This move was also prophetic as the weather turned cold and the rain sprinkled! Next year's National Day of Prayer will be on Thursday May 7, 2015. Bookmark this.

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