Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Psalm 139:13a (KJV) "For thou hast possessed my reins...."
The study and teachings of this amazing 12 Part series DIRECTLY from 1 and 2 Peter can shake a person to the core. The reason is that one cannot help but become part of the Logos - the Word - the Word Who became Flesh (JESUS), if one is to truly impart the knowledge therein...therein as in the words and phrases of the Scripture. Someone once said that the best sermons preached are those preached to oneself. 

Becoming part of the expounding of His Word, and therefore Him, is to become one with Him. This is Authentic Christianity. You can't fake this. It will destroy you. It has to come from every fiber of your being and thus permeate not just your words, but your countenance.

One Scripture which truly hit me this morning as I prayed Psalm 139 was verse 13a in the modern King James Version. The verse said in part "Possess my reins"! That really spoke to my spirit and jolted me into a place He wants both you and I! If we want to truly see through His Eyes....if we want to truly have His Mind....if we want to truly live and love like Jesus - HE MUST POSSESS OUR REINS!

He must...AND, we must be willing to truly mean it when we ask Him to Psalm 139:13a "POSSESS our reins"! Are you and I really willing to do this because this is the biggest Key to a Godly Life!


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