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.....AT OUR OWN PERIL.....
As if we needed more proof that the America, on which this country was founded, has turned its back on God, the Gallup polling organization has confirmed it with its annual long at the state of America's dark soul.

In the just released survey of all 50 states, some not so surprising news turned up. The country which was founded and built on the Bible, Biblical principles and prayer had its foundations set in the New England region in the early 1600's. Yet, within the first 100 years of civilization on this continent, God had to send revivalists like George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards to preach the Gospel (again) as decline had already set it! So it is now, absolutely NO shock, that the most pagan parts of America can be found in every single state in New England. Of course, we know God has His people everywhere. I know of solid Christians and those who are ministering in Bible-believing congregations in Boston, the Berkshires and a good friend of our ministry over in Salem, Oregon among the few other outposts of God's Kingdom out there and in Alaska.

Therefore, without further ado, here are the least "religious" states of the United States of America:

Gallup: These Are the 10 Most (and Least) Religious States in America
Poll: Courtesy: the Gallup Organization
While these states are officially non-believing and very hostile towards Christians; home-schooling families and traditional institutions, they have opened up to all kinds of other systems like earth-"worship"; wicca; buddhism and other mystic philosophies. These are also states with the most liberal governments, almost all have enabled so-called "gay marriage" and educational indoctrination -from K-12 and beyond. 

If you will also notice, the District of Columbia - Washington DC is right up there with the rest of them. This is the center of American power and so-called democracy. You can trace the decline of this country from the type of policy and the lack of Godly leadership coming out of there for decades and decades. Apart from the personal faith of Ronald Reagan and Calvin Coolidge, which affected their conduct, you have to go back to the 19th century to men like Daniel Webster to find Christ-like courage and faith in DC. 

With all of this proof, of man, who thinks he is superior to God, is it a coincidence that more and more natural disasters have been slamming the northeast since earthquakes showed up there in 2011? Mortal man, who is a legend in his own mind, has set up his own high places - like the ancient pagan asherah poles - where he puts man-created systems of knowledge of things like evolution and weird philosophies. Even medical sciences, which are actually God-given talents, and technological advances have become idols as the Hands of the Creator are spurned in favor of the velvet hammer of intellectual tyranny.

All of this, from the Gallup surveys, and the countless commentaries (most of which will be correct) on them, reminds me of the passage from Isaiah 14 about the fall of the great worship leader of heaven...who was the first among created beings - Lucifer himself. Here is what God said about Lucifer, who now reigns in darkness until the time of the Gentiles have come in "How you have fallen from heaven, O star of the morning, son of the dawn! You have been cut down to the earth, You who have weakened the nations! (Isaiah 14:12 NASB).

This is exactly what happened to this country - once the Christian bastion of the world. Even now, if you speak to folks who travel from as far away as China or Indonesia etc...what they think of America, they still think we are a Christian nation! Nothing could be further from the truth anymore. There are only an estimated 25-30 million born-again believers in this country of 330 million. There are actually almost 300 million Christians in the underground Chinese church, which is thriving under the jackboot of communist persecution!

But take heart, my friend - the Lord is still with us. He has called His people back to repentance time and time again. He is always full of grace and love and mercy and compassion to those who call upon His Name in all humility. While the nations rage and the worldly people "imagine a vain thing" (Psalm 2:1), God is longsuffering and will only act when provoked. Even though He is provoked right now by a corrupt liberal American society, God is still in the Salvation business. All you have to do is ask for it. Humble yourself. Seek forgiveness for your sins. Cry out honestly and open up your entire life to Him. Invite Him to take the wheel and drive from now on. Realize you and I cannot make it on our own. Put all our trust and faith in the Savior and then live like we're the world, so we can be eternally alive in Him. Amen.

Here are the most "religious" or Christian regions of America:
Most Religious States, Based on % Very Religious, 2012
Poll: Courtesy: the Gallup Organization

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