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This reality game aims to provide a mini experience of the discipleship journey, from ‘baby stage' to adulthood. Some of it is fun, and lighthearted, as it is designed for all ages. It is a lot about getting to know each other. There is a memory verse to learn as you go - each stage has a piece of it.

Have two or three leaders to organise and assist with the process, and be available to collect reports, explain anything etc. Leaders at headquarters will also complete and share in the activities below.Form equal groups of 6-12 people (including pre-school children who want to participate) and find yourself a home base. There will be paper and equipment at headquarters to take to each base. Appoint a recorder to note discussions, and when each stage is complete - send a runner to headquarters with the report.

  • [Stage 1] Babyhood is being looked after: - feed each other with marshmallows on toothpicks. Memory verse: "As newborn babies" Discuss what to feed to new Christians
  • [Stage 2] Toddler is learning about family and friends: - find out 3 things you didn't know about each other - such as where they were born, their middle name, a nice memory, favourite song, pet hate, etc. Note how this helped you improve your relationship with each other. Memory verse: "hunger for the"
  • [Stage 3] Early school is learning to communicate: - say or write down something you like about each person (warm fuzzy!) and note how it made you all feel more confident. Memory verse: "pure milk of"
  • [Stage 4] Learning about God's wonders:- scavenger hunt - something from each day of creation: shiny, water, stone, leaf, a picture or other illustration of star, bird, fish, insect, fur, man-made object... At least 6 things – note these... Memory verse: "the word so"
  • [Stage 5] Learning about yourself:- there's a picture of a cake at the edge of a table at a girl's birthday party, soon it gets knocked off - discuss what would be your reaction? Match this with prophet (told you so), server (finds the broom), teacher (what should have happened), encourager, giver, organiser, shows mercy. Note the group gifts [Romans 12:6-8] Memory verse: "you can grow"
  • [Stage 6] Exploring work options: - Come up with 2 things each person might do with their gifts, in church or paid work [they can be practical work, or academic, or creative, or a mix]. Note and send in report Memory verse: "up mature and"
  • [Stage 7] Training for adult work;- Memory verse: "whole in God." -1 Peter 2:2 Put the verse together and practice it. You might sing it, act it, puzzle it, picture it - but learn it as well as you can! Report when you are ready to be tested.
  • [Stage 8] Adult hood - doing the work God has called you to do. Go sit with each person in your group for three minutes, without talking, but being open for God to speak to you about each other. Share anything you sense – a thought, picture, impression/ feeling, scripture etc. Pray for God to bless and grow each other. Then as a group, each person can share some of the things about themselves if they wish. Report this and return to headquarters – you will be asked for the memory verse as a password.
  • "As newborn babies, hunger for the pure milk of the word so you can grow up mature and whole in God"

1 Peter 2:2 (KJV)                             

REPORT BACK to everyone - recorder/ spokesperson answering "What did the group get out of it?" - added comments from group are OK depending on the time available...
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