Thursday, December 30, 2010


It is more and more evident that the Book of Job is actually the first book of the Bible! He lived closer to Creation, about 6000 years ago, than either Abraham or Moses who wrote the original account of Creation.  Chapters 38 – 40 of the Book of Job fleshes out several of the major parts of Creation that the Holy Spirit mentioned in passing in Genesis 1 and 2!
There is a reason this BMIC website carries Daily Updates from ANSWERS IN GENESIS – led by the wonderful prophet KEN HAM who is the leading messenger from God on Creation and WHY the Belief in Creation (some have called it “Intelligent Design“) is important to not just Christians…but our children! They are the ones being brainwashed into the ungodly theory of Evolution day after day, year and year from kindergarden through college, while our churches are asleep at the wheel and practicing “Church Growth”!!Every chance we get, we bring the teaching of How God Created This World and why Genesis and JOB – a real gem on Creation – are so important. This is my reasoning for posting this video from a teaching I did on that topic some time ago.
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