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Part 1
Evangelists Ray Comfort and Kurt Cameron
 There has been some blowback over several things appearing in this newsletter in the past months and one of them involves the teaching of the great Paul Washer. Over the past three decades, there has been a most unchristian-like, one-sided debate from those who are called "Free Grace" believers and the rest of us whom they term "Lordship Salvation".
The perjorative "Lordship Salvation" actually depends on your view of the Lordship of Christ in the believer's life. I would rather be talking about the Transformation Project being launched all over town this Fall by us, than this. However, the eternal destiny of many in the church depend on whether there is real regeneration of the soul or just a 'warm fuzzy feeling' generated by reciting a prayer...and then no follow up, discipleship or pointing in the right direction.
The main targets of whose who are insulted as "L.S'ers" are Dr. John MacArthur, Nancy Lee Demoss, Paul Washer and Ray Comfort with Kurt Cameron and Todd Friel thrown in for good measure! Just briefly, here are the definitions of both beliefs.
LORDSHIP SALVATION is the belief that salvation involves both a belief and repentance of one's sins. Repentance is the "turning away" from all known sin, giving complete (not partial) "Lordship" of our lives to Christ. Without this full commitment, one is only a nominal Christian and has yet to experience true conversion*. 
FREE GRACE is the belief that salvation involves a complete trust in Christ for salvation. Repentance is the changing of one's mind about who Christ is and their general attitudetoward sin (i.e. that sin is bad and we don't like it). This change of the mind will necessary bring forth the fruit of a change life, but one cannot determine what aspects must change or when the Holy Spirit will bring certain changes about*.
(* from "Parchment and Pen" by Mike Patton, Stonebriar Community Church. Lead Pastor - Chuck Swindoll)
Next issue - "Christ is the LORD of my Life
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Ed Evans said...

Bernie, regret you were the victim of a hacker on FB. Have reported him.
This LS/FG diversionary argument reminds me of the one about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. The one thing that sticks out to me, however, is the LS requirement for repentance, which requires us to DO something (works?) beyond believing that Christ is Lord, and trusting the Holy Spirit will lead us to detest that of which we need to repent. Am I missing something? Could you clarify for me? Thanks.