Thursday, September 9, 2010


Tuesday September 11, 2001 - A day that will live not just in infamy but pain, suffering and outrage. The term 9/11 has been burned into the hearts and souls of a people.  

We watched in horror LIVE on TV, as a jihadist demoniac flew the 2nd passenger plane into the office tower.  

We watched in horror as our fellow citizens fell from smoking skyscrapers of glass and steel.  
We watched in horror as the symbols of freedom and capitalism were slammed by a religion from the sands of Arabia, whose thirst for conquest has never been quenched, this side of Christ's return.  
But we watched in amazement as Todd Beamer, praying and reciting Biblical passages, led a team of selfless heroes, as they stopped another attack on the US Capitol.
This September 11, 2010 somehow feels different. It has been marred by people of questionable backgrounds who somehow obtained an historic building in New York City to build an islamic center. This building is as unique as the waters of Pearl Harbor. Part of the engine of the first airplane to crash into the World Trade Center landed inside of this building, which the "developers" insensitively set to open on September 11, 2011! This is not a coincidence.  

Nevertheless - never forget....never forget the stories of Sujo John, the hindu convert to Christ, who stayed behind and led many to safety and a few to Christ as the Twin Towers collapsed. Never forget the FDNY who lost so many firemen in the service of saving many. And never forget the grieving ones left behind, scared for life and who are now reliving this nightmare one more time.  

Never lose a chance to tell them about a Gracious God - Abba Father, who sent His Own Son to die at the hands of merciless killers, that the world may be saved from the eternal fires of hell. Never fail to tell others about the Christ who was with many in the Pentagon, Flight 93 and the stairwells of the Twin Towers. Many died that day, who never met that Christ or accepted His Free Gift of Salvation. It is not too late to reach their loved ones, whose hearts are now tender and open to the REAL LOVE - AGAPE LOVE that only TRUE RELIGION - Christianity - can offer. It is not too late to reach ANYONE at ANYTIME!

Never lose an opportunity to share the Love, Peace, inner Joy and contentment which comes from knowing  Christ as Lord and Savior, in Jesus' Name, amen.
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