Sunday, May 16, 2010

THE SECRET PLACE, Part 10, Not the Final Act!

Now that we have approached the Father, in the Secret Place, in the correct way, what do we do once there?  F.B. Meyer said “The man who prays grows; and the muscles of the soul swell from this whipcord to iron bands”. In short – do you want to spiritually “ripped” or “buff” or “cut”??!! Well – pray without ceasing! It’s in the Bible (1 Thess. 5 vs 17)

But just as an athlete has to keep his/her eyes on the gym equipment and the goal in order to accomplish the Task, if we go into prayer with the Father with all kinds of noise and distraction. I would rather have 15-20 minutes of unbroken intense fellowship, praying in the Spirit, than sitting there while sipping coffee. Personally, I find that disrespectful.

What about this fellowship.

 In Chapter 42, Job says in verse 5 (AMP) I had heard of You [only] by the hearing of the ear, but now my [spiritual] eye sees You”.
If you remember the book of Job, at the onset, the devil told God that Job only feared Him because He had a hedge of protection around Job and prospered him in every way. So, you know the rest. God removes His Hand of protection and the story of pain, woe, tribulation, trials etc begins. Job remains faithful to God throughout, but began speaking things he had NO, absolutely NO knowledge of! 

When he finally confesses to God that he (Job) knows sees or comprends NOTHING and (from the Hebrew) knows Him personally for the first time, only then were his eyes opened.
Two things here – it is my contention Job was only justified at the end here because first – he admitted his “spiritual eye was opened for the first time)  and after all he said about God, He, still revealed Himself to Him.  Secondly, Job would not have had this redemption and salvation without focusing fully on God, day after day, no matter HOW hard it is. If we had an ounce of this kind of self-discipline, the Lord will surely reveal Himself to and rescue us just the same…and it all begins in that Secret Place – the Spiritual Heart!

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