Monday, April 5, 2010


It was a humbling honor and privilege to be asked to lead and conduct a full, authentic Messianic Passover Seder on the exact day that our Great God and King - my Commander in Chief and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, was crucified!! After being mentored and counselled by several Messianic Congregation friends and a rabbi from the UMJC, the Seder was presented at Countryside Family Church of the Metro St Louis (East) Southern Baptist Association, Millstadt, Illinois.
Thank you to all who prepared the kosher meal entirely from scratch - brothers Tony Joyner and Brian Morgan, as well as Pastor Dennis Morgan and his family. Thank you to my dear wife, Vicki and our family as well as the Temple Brith Sholom from Springfield, Illinois.
Jesus was crucified on April 2, 33 AD. It is one of the few times that both the Hebrew and Julian Calendars lined up! Therefore He rose on the Day of First Fruits - Sunday April 5, 33AD!
Shalom Shalom!

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