Saturday, April 17, 2010


On Tax Day, Thursday April 15, 2010, a liberal judge - Barbara Crabb - from the People's Republic of Madison, Wisconsin ruled that the National Day of Prayer (NDP) was unconstitutional. Needless to say, this started a viral thread on the internet which inferred the U.S. Government had cancelled the National Day of Prayer.
Needless to say, all of this could have been avoidable...but for the devil. The case Judge Crabb (and what a name!!!) ruled on was filed in the most communist of US cities east of San Francisco for that same reason. It was brought by the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FRF). They are a group of atheists and agnostics who were mad at former President GW Bush for having NDP services in the White House over eight years.
The FRF are just another in the lines of anti-Christian bigots, similar to "Rev." Barry Lynn's Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. Of course, these peeps have no problem if other religions have special "prayer" rooms in airports (islam) or other such thing.
So the deed is done. We don't know if the current U.S. President will appeal this ruling. In the meantime, how do Christians react and especially those of us who are deeply involved in the National Day of Prayer.
Am not speaking as the coordinator of the NDP event at the Illinois State Capitol. I am just speaking as a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ - what this Judge did, well is not unlike what some of the pagan kings of Judah did when they had ALL the Books of the Law burned. Those who ignore the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it.
By remaining silent while Biblical Christianity was assaulted and dismantled by the state, piece by piece for years, the Church is just as guilty as any judge or liberal politician or the media. Secular humanism has crept stealthily into the Evangelical church, but before now, it left the mainline denominations without their lampstands. These churches left their first love -Christ- long ago, and He removed them from His Sight.
Church leaders and famous pastors remained, and still remain quiet, as sin abound right in front of them...sometimes in their own pulpits.
They love fancy programs, multimedia noise and weak bible translations like the Message. They refuse to preach the Full Counsel of God.
They have no prayer meetings, prayer services or calls for Solemn Assemblies. They write books on fluff, feel-good falafel and fillers. They agree when some do-gooder or politician call for Civility, even in preaching the True Word of God.
Somebody read Matthew 23 here and tell me if Jesus was civil to the ancestors of today's Pharisees, as He condemned them to hell!
Therefore, long before Judge Crabb ruled against NDP, the church gave her the open door to shoot us in the foot. BUT she can't take out the True Remnant! His Word is written in our hearts and NO man or woman can take that away. The Judge said government cannot sanction such a day. But she knows she will be out of place to say that regular citizens are forbidden from it! This would be such an outrageous violation of the First Amendment that even the ACLU may be pressed into action on behalf of regular Americans.
Since we, the people, are not forbidden yet from Praying in Public (yet because the Persecution of the Tribulation has not yet arrived...and it will soon), let us continue to meet in public places and pray and sing and worship and preach the Full Counsel of God!
Be it resolved, the following - she ruled it unconstitutional for government to take part in this? Well, then let us resolve to be totally focused on Christ-centered Worship and Intercession. Let us resolve to take our eyes off which politician will be upset if he/she is not sitting on a platform waiting to make a campaign speech during a prayer meeting to the assembly and reset our eyes on our fellow saints and their prayer needs.
Let us resolve to ignore the media - local and national - forget fame and publicity, and then refocus on reaching God's people through Christian radio and the internet. We don't need the pride of seeing one's name in the local paper....and this can go on and on.
The main thing is - all we need, we already HAVE!!! His Name is Jesus! Who is this King of Glory!! The Lord God Almighty!
Therefore get into preparation mode, now. Make everyday the National Day of Prayer, now! Search your own heart and ensure that YOU didn't make God unconstitutional in your own heart, mind and soul!! Then, maybe then, we can have full grounds to criticize anyone who makes a rule, such as the one in Madison. Glory to His Name!

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