Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Dear Lord: “Authenticity”

2010 January 26
by Nikole Hahn

(New posting inspired by Kathy Beard and a recent book called, “Perfecting Kate”)

Dear Father,

You know me. You know my hearts intentions. You know when I say what I mean and when I say a lie. Yes, I dared to say the word most Christians hate to admit—I lie. Not the kind of lies like the kind people tell nowadays like fraud, stealing, cheating, etc. The lies I talk about are under the guise of a better word—politeness. When someone I do not like approaches me with a big smile on their face. I smile in greeting, insert some warmth, and set a guard over my tongue. I should love this person. My warmth should radiate authenticity.


The dictionary says it is the quality of being authentic, trustworthy, or genuine. I am generous in giving encouragement, but You said it best in Matthew 5:43-48. What reward is there to love my friends? It is all good, but it is also easy. My enemies need love. It does not matter if their lifestyle goes against the Bible. It doesn’t matter if they do not show fruit in their lives (even if they are a professing Christian). They will eventually face judgment in the afterlife. That is, unless, we as Christians preach the truth in our words and in our actions. Preach in love. Establish a true friendship with them. Accept them, not tolerate their choices, but accept them and listen to them.

Lord, help me in my walk with You. I need to know the better words to say to love my enemies. I want them to see You shining through me. As Your child, I know You will always provide for me, but I ache for those whose hearts dwell in darkness. Thank you, Lord, for the life and love you have given to me (though undeserved as it is), and forgive me for not spending time in your Word this morning. I asked for your help in losing weight, but I put losing weight as first priority over You. How can I ask for your help and not spend the time with You? It is like getting money from loving relatives and not spending any time with them.

In Jesus Name,


Your daughter



Nikole Hahn said...

Thank you for the mention!

Nikki :o)

The Bernie Lutchman Blog said...


You're welcome anytime my sister!! I enjoy your well, AUTHENTICITY as True woman of God! People from all walks of life, including the few who check out my blog, can benefit from what you very well, I may add! :-))