Friday, January 1, 2010

Fasting and Feasting - Food and the Word!

With apologies to the late great poet Robert Frost:

Whose foods these are I think I know.
My kitchen is overflowing so;
I cannot see me stopping soon
Until I see next month's full moon!

My stomach once in shape and flat
Is now the home of unsaturated fat

Snicker-doodles and caramel creams;
And every cookie my name it screams

For 11 long months no Steak and Shake
But somehow in December, a goof I make.
As snow winds blow and cold winds sweep
To Target, to Kohl's, to Walmart I creep

Now the stores are dark and empty - not a beep.
But now I have begun to weep,
And hours on the elliptical before I sleep,
And hours on the elliptical before I sleep.

You know the funny thing about all of this "mangia" every Christmas season is - we "resolve" to cut back "next year"!ha ha...Yeah right! What I did notice this past holiday season is almost all of us did cut back in 2009. Still the scale does not lie!

The Bible, the Word of God, does not specifically ban or say anything about over-eating....otherwise what we see in these Buffet family restaurants would be a bigger outrage than it is (you know where some people pile food 4 layers high on their plate, the second or third time and then order a Diet drink)!! There are verses in Proverbs about Gluttony (Proverbs 23: 21 and 30:22) as well as Philippians 3:19. What the Bible does talk about is health and healthy living.

The Apostle Paul spoke in athletic terms all the time. Considering the rugged and physically demanding life he had to live as God's Primary Ambassador to all the Gentile world, the Apostle had to be in great shape. Therefore, as we plunge headlong into and look forward to 2010, let's cut the feasting on fattened calves and spiral hams down a bit, throw a little fasting in there as well as forty five minutes walking, stretching and exercising, so we can get through the coming frosty winter with a healthy body...into WHICH we can feed the REAL FOOD - the Word of God!

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