Saturday, June 20, 2009

God STILL speaks today!

Does God still SPEAK to His people?

There is a significant school of thought which says NO!! Most of the time, they can be formed in my Reformed and Bible churches etc. I am part of both - I believe in Reformed theology. This means I believe like Martin Luther and others that we ONLY saved by Grace, though Faith in Christ, to the Glory of God! I also believe all Bible-believing churches should teach the FULL Counsel of God ALL of the time - verse by verse, phrase by phrase, just as God wrote it!!

I also believe the Bible is a document set in stone. The pages of the Bible - all 66 books - are ALIVE THROUGH CHRIST and not for the manipulation of liberal, mortal, evil man for him to twist to his own political purposes. There are warnings against this in Revelation 22 (the last chapter). So there is no dispute about the Sanctity, Sufficiency and Security of the put it bluntly, you mess with it at your own peril!

Where I separate myself from my fellow Reformed brethren is on the issue of God speaking to us in these last days. By denying this as a fact, they stifle the Work of the Holy Spirit! God has always communicated with His two-legged creation - man! Even before Moses wrote the Aleph Tav of the Torah, God was speaking to Adam. Christ sent His Holy Spirit to live in saved people as Guidance Counsellor and basically, to be our Satellite to what the Father wants us to know.

If, as they say, God is not speaking in these past 2000 years, why do we pray? Why do we intercede? Why do we fast? Why? Why? Why?!!!!! If, as the Five Point Calvinists there is such a thing as "LIMITED ATONEMENT" why even evangelize to reach the Lost for Christ?!! Huh???!!!

I have lost several conservative friends (and there is no one more Biblically conservative than me) who try to insinuate that I am a sort of whacked out "charismatic" because I believe in the many experiences and encounters I KNOW I HAD with the Lord! One very conservative well known person, won't even communicate with me anymore because of this. He and I were great friends for years before my first book came out.

This is still the Time of the Gentiles. Christ has not returned yet. We are all in God's plan for man. Until He comes, He will speak to, communicate with and commission whom He very well pleases and no doctrine of man will ever change that fact!


Nikole Hahn said...

Wow! I love this doctrine. I may use it as a guest blogger thing tommorrow. It is a shame they stopped speaking, but we know God speaks.

The Bernie Lutchman Blog said...


Thank you my sister in Christ! Use whatever you wish anytime! I love your website and will return the favor when I see something others can relate to!! AMEN!

Blessings to thee

Brother B

Olly said...


I am a Bible-believing, Jesus-loving, born again, Spirit-filled Christian and I tend to agree with the majority of what you say...although I take a bit of offense at your comments about being a 'whacked out charismatic' - I am pleased to say that I am charismatic in that I believe in, and use, the gifts of the Holy Spirit as He allows me to...does God speak today? Absolutely He does, through Common Sense, through Commanding Scripture (above all!), through Circumstantial Signs, through the Counsel of the Saints and through God's Compelling Spirit...the five CSs. Alright...

Anyway keep up the good work, fight the good fight and never stop believing that God speaks today...until you start thinking He is starting to add to the Bible, because then you'll be wrong :-)