Sunday, May 3, 2009


Mom's 75th birthday was most timely to bring all her children together! Coming in from all points - Boston, Illinois, London (England) and the Caribbean - we were all grayer and a bit overweight, but still in reverence and love and admiration for our dear mother. She (Cynthia Lutchman) raised us from the time my father died in April 1968, all by herself, on a teacher's salary and without taking public assistance from any government entity. This amazing prayer warrior, who is on her knees 3-4 hours per day, taught us loyalty, dedication, love, faith and sacrifice.

Those attributes stay with a person a lifetime. It has helped to make me the man I am today. What a marvellous time of love and unity from all her living children (brother Dr. Dinesh died in Chicago in 2001). I think one reason we always got along was growing up poor, Christian and depending on each other. So thank to my dear mom and all my brothers and sisters for the most memorable time ever in our family! Thank you "King Julian" Vinay, the Wallerfield Man Vin, sister Drin and Mo. May God bless us all and may we not wait another 20 years for another reunion!!
UPDATE: Mom (Cynthia S. Lutchman, went on to be with the Lord in our presence on Thursday July 7, 2016, after a painful but God-honoring struggle of two years, with multiple myeloma. Even in her passing, she honored God. It was a privilege to preach her funeral sermon after which many were convicted and one person said she gave her life to the Lord, as I prayed. #GloryToHisName!


Unknown said...

I'm coming late to this, Vinay was my best friend as we worked together at Scarlet Ibis hotel in St. Augustine. I was heartbroken to read of his passing a couple of weeks ago.
I read about Dinesh and Ma - such tragedy and great loss to all of you.
I met all of you at one time or another.
I came and had dhal and rice together with Vinay and Ma - in the 1970's

I was hoping to hook up with Vinay sometime along life's road, sadly it was not meant to be.
After this life is over, we'll all see each other again.
Until then - God bless you all.
PS. I'm sure Ma is very proud of how you all turned out.

Unknown said...

Friend of Vinay thanks for the kind words and condolences..Vinay's brother in Trinidad...Vnodatt