Monday, August 20, 2007


Here is what the great Christian singer/songwriter Michael W. Smith said about Evangelist/Seminar Speaker JOE WHITE ( I have come to know Joe White through my involvement in a Christian athletic camp staffed by more than 2,500 Christian athletes. I've watched Joe speak to young people about Christ; I've seen how he drops everything just to get into the heart of a kid.

Joe puts 150 percent into loving young adults - finding out who they are and where they're at in this crazy world of ours. I don't know anyone who has spent more time with kids than Joe. He knows what's going on in their lives. And I feel blessed to call him one of my best friends".*

This is the Joe White who is responsible for many men getting saved from the fires of hell at multiple Promise Keepers events across America, from 2000-2006. Just as crucial, the Gospel of Christ preached, only as Joe can, led men like me to get the bleachers, taking off our street clothes; confess our sins and put on our Christian Warrior Uniform. Brothers and sisters, I am in the game because Christ used Joe White to "slap me upside the 'haid'"!!

There was no one else I could have imagined to hand off this book concept to than him for his approval! The first two rough chapters were hardly out of the keyboard, when Joe's assistant Kara Britt recommended it to him! Looking back at the hack writing of those early chapters about one year ago, I am amazed he even looked it them!! Both of them became parts of fuller chapters, in order to tell the Story Jesus flowed through me!

I was absolutely floored when our dear brother Joe White endorsed the entire book after those two now chapter-sections!! His trust in me, even after four months of writer's block, led to me aspiring to live up to his endorsement! The Holy Spirit took care of that as the finished product from 10 intensive weeks of writing the 300 plus page book can testify to. The Lord is now preparing the way to use each part of His book, through me, to teach Effective Living - at any age - for ANY Christian!! PRAISE HIS GREAT NAME!!

Here is brother Joe White's endorsement: "Two Minute Warning offers a powerful reminder of the hope we have in the Living God by giving the insight and motivation to live sold out for your Savior to the very end. Bernie Lutchman gives an outside perspective on the life of Fourth-Quarter Christian and uses basic truths to convey a deep, moving and inspirational message! Living in the world and not of the world is a daily challenge and God is using Bernie Lutchman to help Christians like you and me embrace that challenge and end this life on earth victorious".

Brother Joe has kept in touch with all new developments and I consider him not just a hero, and a hero of the faith, but a mentor and encourager to me! Pray for his ministry, his family and his health, please. As many of us know, he is well known as a college and high school conference champion. Dr. James Dobson said "Joe knows more about teenagers than anyone in America"! Indeed! From our favorite, Focus on the Family to a Liberty University college campus, young people all over America are finding out the truth about what is really important in life - A RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS CHRIST!!


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