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God is SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOD!! All the time, He is good!! Praise His Great Name!

PHOTO : Doug Mazza (read Chapter 10 of the book); former CEO of HYUNDAI, N.A. and now President of Joni and Friends, stands behind Joni at the signing of a new contract with Franklin Springs Family Media (photo credit: )

It is still a stunning shocker to me to be asked to do two workshops on this book, even before I had my own copy in my hands! This was a Divine appointment, friends!

It is also no accident the subtitle is "Effective Christianity for the 4th Quarter of Life". These workshops are part of a National Conference and Prayer Retreat held in Colorado Springs this October! It is still overwhelming that God would choose a nobody like me to share His testimony and Glory with others more eloquent, knowledgeable or better looking and younger than I!!! haha

For weeks I floundered not knowing how I would even begin the workshop or what to specifically address for two 45 minute sessions! Then this past week, the Lord placed it right before me! It is still amazing to me and I want to please Him so much. Alas, we are still mortal! Nevertheless we persevere.

Here is the verse the Lord gave me from
John 1:12 (KJV) "But as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name". The word POWER is from the Greek word EXOUSIA. This has the connotation of "delegation of authority from Above"!! Namely, when Christ saved us and gave us His Holy Spirit, who is GOD!! We therefore have the same power, authority and thus, effectiveness if we walk in His Light ALL the time!

This is what the book is about! I could not see it until God gave me the verse and led me back to my own Table of Contents!!! You can see them below! Each chapter was named "The Power of...."!!! This proves we are NOTHING without the Lord leading us! Absolutely NOTHING!! LORD, please help me to stay clean, submitted and surrendered to You all of my days on this, YOUR earth. I am Yours, In Jesus Name, Amen.

Here are the Names of the Chapters in the 312 page Work of Love; from my pen to the people of God; via the Spirit of God. Thank you, Jesus!!

Chapter 1: The Power of Great Faith
Chapter 2: The Power of the Bible and Sin
Chapter 3: The Power of Prayer
Chapter 4: The Power of Repentance and Revival
Chapter 5: The Power of Leadership, Part 1
Chapter 6: The Power of Leadership, Part 2
Chapter 7: The Power of the Fourth Quarter Christian
Chapter 8: The Power of A Legacy
Chapter 9: The Power of Holiness
Chapter 10: The Power of Contented Living
Chapter 11: Smorgasbord.

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