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The Assyrian Arts Institute's ensemble, “Assyrian Women," released their first Aramaic musical album, "The Joy of Christmas” on December 15. The Aramaic music is sung in the original Assyrian language. 

The Assyrian Arts Institute debuts "Assyrian Women," an ensemble of skilled Assyrian female vocalists, through their unique Aramaic Christmas album spanning the ages, from ancient Assyrian traditions to the present in the mother tongue of Jesus.

They hope to chart this Christmas season through their unique twist of Christmas choral and solo performances to make their heritage and culture known through 14 songs.

Song Titles -

1) Teshbokhta Brikh Khannana (Blessed is the Compassionate One)

2) Talukh, Talukh Amanoowehl (O Come, O Come Emmanuel)

3) O Come, Emmanuel

4) Udyoum m'sheekha (from a Ceremony of Carols)

5) Kha Leleh Qadisha (O Holy Night)

6) A Yala Soora (What Child is This)

7) A La Nanita Nana with Lai, Lai Brooni Soora (Coventry Carol)

8) The First Noel [Live]

9) Maryam bdayet wa? (Mary, Did You Know?)

10) Gloria

11) A Yala Soora (What Child is This) [Live]

12) A La Nanita Nana with Lai, Lai Brooni Soora (Coventry Carol) [Live]

13) The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic (solo)

14) Abun D'bash'maiyo (The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic - choral)

"Assyrian Women" is conducted by Dr. Charlene Archibeque. "Assyrian Women" includes singers from 2018 to the present (*featured in the recording). First Sopranos - Leah Rose Fisher*, Christie Haddad, Samiramis Sayad Johnson*, Enanna Sheena, and Janelle Yausif*; Second Sopranos - Sveenie Betsargis-Richmond*, Christina Boosahda, Gaby Catipon*, Maria Khoobyar*, Monika Malekdavoud*, Zohra Rawling*, Christiane Rohayem*, Shushana Tamrazova, and Sabrina Yonan*; Altos - Sarha Abraham*, Margo Arsane, Sarah Ego, Sarah Homeh*, Shamina Isaac*, Tenise Marie*, Stella Rezgo, Dr. Eve Georges Sada*, Itiuna Vaiaoga, and Nadia Younan. "Assyrian Women" was joined by multi-instrumentalist Michael Nejad and Flautist Ourhay Shamoon. "The Joy of Christmas" was recorded by Matt Carr, Recording Engineer at

Assyrian Arts Institute’s "The Joy of Christmas” is available for purchase exclusively on iTunes on Dec 15 for $14.99. Individual songs are available for $1.29. Go to iTunes to purchase "The Joy of Christmas” by the group "Assyrian Women."

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