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New Documentary "What is True Beauty?" exclusive to SalemNow destroys the lie 90% of women believe starting at five, “If I’m beautiful, then I will be loved.”

NEW YORK CITY, NY, USA, November 29, 2022 / -- The family franchise, "The Farmer and The Belle," produces movies with Christian morality, a jewelry line on QVC, and books that uplift you to believe. Their merchandise impacts audiences on biblical identity and beauty. 

SALEM’s General Manager of SalemNOW/Salem Consumer Products and Director of Digital Media, Robert Ellis, was introduced to "The Farmer and The Belle" from Joe Battaglia, president of Renaissance Communications. Ellis saw the big picture. The movie’s message was greater than just fun family fair, but a ministry to truly bring hope to SALEM’s audience about the identity crisis in young adults.

“We are mission first and grateful for the hundreds of thousands of people inspired by our message on biblical beauty like this one we recently received: 'I want this for my daughter to always remind her of that her worth is solely & wholey found in Jesus & NOT the world!'”

SalemNow’s main fare are cutting-edge documentaries unveiling conservative conversations appealing to its 500,000 viewers and is partnering exclusively with "The Farmer and The Belle" to release their new documentary, “What is True Beauty?” narrated by award-winning actress Jenn Gotzon (Doonby, God's Country).

We are in a world where 90% of women, starting at age 5, believe this lie, “I need to be beautiful to be loved,” explains Gotzon. The documentary "What is True Beauty" invites the viewer to join their star-studded conversation identifying the cause of these lies and how to overcome the pressures to obtain the perfect physical appearance. Prayers are interwoven throughout this 41min documentary providing emotional and spiritual freedom in Jesus.

The hit, family Christmas comedy movie, “The Farmer and The Belle: Saving Santaland,” is inspired by the married couple/lead actors’ true story (Jim E. Chandler and Jenn Gotzon) which follows Belle Winters, a tired New York City-based supermodel who is worried about aging out of the industry. One evening in her apartment, Belle remembers a charm bracelet with Biblical beauty affirmations that her grandmother gave her when she was a child. Belle no longer has the bracelet but thinks it might be at Santaland, a Christmas farm where she played in her youth. Desperate to find the bracelet, Belle sets out on an adventure to search for it! From a horse in pink pajamas to wrestling pigs with Santa hats, this inspiring and heartwarming Christmas movie proclaims the message of inner beauty from a moral Biblical perspective.

The movie stars Corbin Bernsen, John Schneider, Henry Cho, Delilah, Beckah Shae, Natasha Bure, Robert Amaya, Livi Birch, and Sandra Lafferty.

Creator and star of “The Farmer and The Belle: Saving Santaland,” Gotzon is a woman after God’s heart. She has portrayed historical characters in Two-Oscar nominated movies, winning awards for her work in "My Daddy is in Heaven" and "Forgiven," both of which trended on Netflix. Gotzon inspired audiences as an international model on billboards in China and as the jewelry creator for the Divine Beauty line on QVC. This Christmas season, Jenn Gotzon is excited to bring to market her young adult book, “Beauty & Likes: Experiencing God's Truth about your Looks” by Morgan Threadgill and Dr. Lynnette Simm releasing Christmas 2022. 

The documentary "What is True Beauty?" is given as a bonus gift when you purchase the family, Christmas comedy movie, "The Farmer and The Belle: Saving Santaland" on SalemNow for your Christmas movie collection. Add to your Christmas watch list at this link:

Merchandise from The Farmer and The Belle is available at the #Beauty Bracelet from the movie which follows the chapters of the young adult book “Beauty & Likes: Experiencing God’s Truth about your Looks” and the woman's 30-day devotional book “Divine Beauty: Becoming Beautiful based on God’s Truth” by Michelle Cox. 

The children’s book by VeggieTales co-creator Mike Nawrocki “Beautiful Mable” reads to levels 2 & 3. The soundtrack with 10 original songs includes singers Justin Peters, John Schneider, Rhonda Vincent, Beckah Shae, Tobi Lee, Tiffany Ashton, and more

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